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Another value own line..

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
I am back at Parx playing the 2-5 200-10000 buy in game.. I bought in for 500 and have around 6oo in front of me after a few hours.. Villain has me covered.. Villain in the hand is a guy I played with last time I was here and was the spewtard that got it in with trip 6s 5 kicker against two players one who could only have a fullhouse or a bluff and a tighter player who (to me) obviously also had trip 6s.. He value bets wells but is ONLY playing his hand and is not trying to put anyone on real ranges..

I open utg+1 w Kc Kh to 20. gets back round to him and he three bets me.. I am not sure if he remembers me or not but in most of these situations I tend to take the call line since so many players will fold worse to my four bet and only continue with AA.. so to keep the QQ and JJ in the hand I call his raise to 55.. pot has 110

flop 33 4... I check villain bets 95.. I think of check raising but again I wonder if this guy will fold if I check raise.. I call.. pot has 300

turn.. A completes badugi.. sort of a bad card.. I check villain bets 140.. I have seen this guy keep betting ugly boards and I have also seen him check rivers when the pot gets bigger.. I think very likely if I call and he doesnt have ace I can get to showdown since he will likely check.. If he bets river then he most likely has at least AK and maybe AA.. I call.. pot now 580..

river.. 6.. I check he snap checks and my KK is good..

Should I have check raised get it in on the flop? I just think its so hard for me to get called by worse.. players just see conservative looking girl.. I like this line since I can protect my stack from AA while getting two streets of value from QQ and JJ.. If the A hadnt come would you call both turn and river? This player would probably check most rivers even if the A hadnt come..



  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    I like the way you played the hand. It really depends on how he perceives you, but if you are not sure about it, flatcalling pre and on the flop should be fine with eff. stacks of 600. You were unlucky that the A turned, but apart from that you got a lot of value from worse while simultaneously minimied you losses against a better hand.

    Betting the river really small (something like 100-120) and folding to ahove could be an option against a really weak player, but against decent competition I would just check.
  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    If your thinking behind calling the 3b PF was to keep JJ/QQ in his range then why would you want to raise him off those hands on the flop?

    If he is never going to fold overpairs go ahead and get it in.

    The turn A is a bad card for future action i guess but with you having KK and the fact that he bets the A makes it super unlikely that he has it. There are only 6 combos of AK that he could have because of the cards you have (3 aces and 2 k only) and 12 combos of JJ/QQ.

    As played i think you can squeak out a little value on the river by donking smallish. Hes never going to raise. and probably not folding JJ/QQ since how the fuck can you have an A.
  • MattKGBMattKGB Posts: 35Subscriber
    If he Only plays his own hand then I like 4-betting preflop, he might get it in with queens/AK . If you flat his 3- bet I think donking is better than check- raising.
    As played I think you can v-bet the river too.
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