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CLP Video No. 176: Bluffing Scary Runouts Versus Weak Capped Ranges

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,152Administrator, LeadPro
edited January 2015 in Crush Live Poker Videos
Join David Chan this week as he discusses recognizing juicy opportunities to bluff weak capped ranges on scary run outs.

Thanked by 13aces


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Just wanted to say, this is probably the best video you guys have put out. Great topic, great examples, and David's analysis was killer. Definitely added to my favorites list to watch again and again...
  • David ChanDavid Chan Posts: 1,208Pro
    edited January 2015
    Thanks dpbuck. Happy to hear that you loved the video.
    Thanked by 1dpbuck
  • 3aces3aces Posts: 155Subscriber
    I really liked it too and makes me want to start playing deeper even more. As with many CLP subscribers in Ca grinding these lower capped $5 blind games effective stacks can be 30-60bb deep Once these rec players put in 40 percent of their stack they won't fold even if the board gets ugly. I still loved the video and will apply it when I can.
  • AyapepperAyapepper Posts: 12Subscriber
    David-in the first hand of this video, how much should Sujit bet on river so you would have folded?
  • David ChanDavid Chan Posts: 1,208Pro

    Regarding Hand 1 of the video, I think the optimal river bluff bet sizing for Sujit would be $240-$275 (70% pot-80% pot) when I checked to him.
  • AyapepperAyapepper Posts: 12Subscriber
    Thanks David! Great video. It was very insightful. I hope to be a solid level 2 player soon.
  • samangrsamangr Posts: 23Subscriber
    Hi guys , I recently joined CLP and this is one of the first videos I watched. Great video and great advice. I am playing 1/2 and 2/5 in Athens, Greece.

    I will come back with comment on the particular video.

  • 3aces3aces Posts: 155Subscriber
    Welcome to CLP Samangr
  • bolishtabolishta Posts: 148Member
    David! I told you my name pronunciation!
    Evgeniy, not Egevniy :)

    Nice episode. As usual great job, David!
  • bolishtabolishta Posts: 148Member
    btw David is my favorite. And it's not cuz he labeled me lvl 2 player #fckyeah
  • David ChanDavid Chan Posts: 1,208Pro
    Thanks for the praise, bolishta. Sorry for my always mis-pronoucing your name too. I don't know why I have been so bad with your name in the past.
    Thanked by 1bolishta
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