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friday night beats

nickdevo1@yahoo.com[email protected] Posts: 163Subscriber
edited December 2014 in Beats, Brags, and Variance
these hands all went down at my local private card club this past friday night. i flopped top two vs a flush draw (67% fave), flopped TPTK vs a two-way draw (53% fave), flopped the nut straight vs two-pair and a draw to a better straight (55% fave) and an over-pair to a bottom pair that turned trips (80% fave).

In every hand, I either bet or raised the flop, and had all the money in by the turn. We were sitting roughly $300 effective for each hand in a lively 1-2 capped structure.

Is this a normal string of bad beats for a three hour live session? Or am I the king of run-bad?


  • DonkieRonDonkieRon Posts: 577Subscriber
    edited December 2014
    You have just experienced the worst run in the history of live poker. What you are describing will only happen to one out of 1 million players. Losing 4 or more 300 dollar buy ins as an avg 60% favorite has only happened to you and maybe a couple others.

    Maybe Beau can help you fix the leak in your game and help you win in these spots. Maybe wait until your an 80% favorite to get it in and win in these spots more consistently. LMAO
  • nickdevo1@yahoo.com[email protected] Posts: 163Subscriber
    dear LMAO, this one time, at band camp, i ran kings into aces. but i guess you don't want to hear that story.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    Dont mind the others. This is rather normal. Each hand is independent of the other

    These types of string of spots doesnt happen to me because i just have a stop loss and leave before it gets this bad

    Once i got all my money in 1200-1300 with second set vs middle pair and flush draw and lost. Ten minutes in my session. I just got up and left

  • DonkieRonDonkieRon Posts: 577Subscriber
    Nick what you described will become standard at times in your poker career or life. To tell you the truth you will likely encounter a string of these horrible sessions that make u want to puke. Poker really can suck for long periods of time. However, if you still have a roll you will survive and live through the run bad.
  • beauregardbeauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    two words as to why you lost those hands: Friday Night

    for the longest time, I found that my EV was negative on friday and saturday nights because too many players were there to "play poker"... meaning they ain't folding.

    The two 50-ish% faves are really coin flips. So those are semi-expected.
    But the 67% and 80% faves are just coolers.

    While DonkieRon thinks it's fine to shove as a small fave - I often try to pot control on such wet boards to preserve my stack for better spots. It's a less profitable manner in which to play - but it's one way you can reduce your variance a bit.

    Some might argue that "you let him get there by not betting pot (or so)" - but when you're read on the player is he's seeing his hand to the river because he thinks he'll hit his flush or straight - I, sometimes, oblige him.

    By playing a bit more reserved (against certain aggro gamblers), I have managed to turn my red Fridays and Saturdays into green weekends. (I've also gotten better at hand-reading and post-flop play... which doesn't hurt.)

    Anyway - in my book - you only really lost two truly favorite hands - which is doesn't qualify you for any record. (Last Thursday night - I got dealt KK five times and lost with them every time! Twice to Q2!!) Sh*t happens.

    GL next time.
  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    This is otherwise know as quitin' time.
  • floppedawheelfloppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    in addition to a lot of other things, being successful at poker is rolling with the beats. in a session a week ago i lost all 5 hands in which i flopped a set (3x) and trips (twice). yeah, i felt cursed. i whined yada yada.... but it helps to think of the beats as the reason the game exists, which is true. there would be no poker if underdogs always lost. if we're intellectually honest, we have to go by this rule: if poker needs beats and i love poker, then i accept beats.... or as i always say at the table, no joy without the pain....
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