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400bb deep

maphacksmaphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
edited December 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
hi, game takes place at EPT Prague. currency is czech crowns, its about 22:1 compared to $.

the games in general are very deep, it's uncapped buyin and waiting lists are enormous so players who usually play higher might just take the first available seat. I think ppl are not used to the currency and preflop it's really juicy,a lot of coldcalling 3bets etc. postflop it's a bit tighter but still a lot of huge pots because of the preflop action so 100bb is peanuts in these kind of games. guy snapcalled my 5bet shove BUvsSB with A9o for 80bb for example.

blinds: 100-200, 8handed (like 5-10nl)

hero (~80k)
villain (~120k)

villain is a new player and bought in for 600bb, about 35 years old, no further information

hero raises to 700 in UTG with J T, UTG+1 calls, villain in CO calls, BB calls.

flop (2800)

J T 6 , hero bets 2200, UTG+1 calls, villain looks at both our stacks and makes it 11k rather quick, BB folds.

how do you proceed?


  • DrGambolDrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    If we are have no info and he raises to this sizing, I'd jam. The flop is way two draw heavy and we block top and middle set. There are a lot of draws he may call it off with if the game is as wild and crazy as you describe. Wouldn't be shocked to see QQ or similar worse value hands some small % of the time too.
  • David ChanDavid Chan Posts: 1,208Pro
    3bet flop to 30k.
    Thanked by 2beauregard kom
  • maphacksmaphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    well it's just a population read. If this guy is somewhat competent I would give him a range of JJ,TT (~1 combo), 66, 8 9 , K Q , 7 8 , A Q , Q 9 , Q 8 , and some JT combos and very rarely some random bluffs. that's probably his FLOP raising range.
    I would really minimize the number of bluffs simply because of his flop sizing and because it's unknown vs unknown. that said, it's just a really good play if he thinks I am a good player (which I probably "look" like) who can make some tough laydowns. however I see it so rarely at this level.

    hero calls.

    Turn (27k) : A

    hero checks, villain bets 18k, hero?

    this is a pretty big bet for live poker. when he bets here I would really discount some JT combos, and probably even 66 and also A Q .
    the plan was to broke on any non heart or straightning card.

    1.) would you agree with the assumptions vs unknown?
    2.) do you ever fold the flop in a game where people usually play tight and pretty straight forward like a vegas nl500 or nl1k game?

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