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Tips for playing exploitatively

Vans14Vans14 Posts: 66Member
edited December 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
After listening to one of Bart/Ed Miller's podcasts Ed discusses playing completely exploitatively and only adjusting if he thinks others are adjusting to him. I decided to employ this last night, such as open limping Ax suited UTG, small pocket pairs, overlimping 68o in the hijack, limping QTs on the button, only betting/cbetting when I flop a pair or better etc. I basically dropped my "raise or fold" preflop strat and proceeded to see as many cheap flops as possible. I must say I worked very well. I got to see a ton of cheap flops with hands that connect much better than the rags my opponents limp with, but it felt very weird. I kept finding myself wanting to raise knowing that my opponents were limping 24o, J5s, etc.

The question is I'm not sure I'm really playing such an exploitative strategy all that well. Sure we can just limp more often than raise for a start, but what about hand range and from what positions? Do I want to limp T9o UTG? 23s OTB? Limp A5o from MP? It seems to me that widening our range as cheaply as possibly still requires pretty solid position to take advantage of. And I'm not quite sure at what point I want to begin calling raises instead of limping for 1 BB.


  • GroundhogDayGroundhogDay Posts: 287Subscriber
    Vans14 wrote:
    Do I want to limp T9o UTG? 23s OTB? Limp A5o from MP? It seems to me that widening our range as cheaply as possibly still requires pretty solid position to take advantage of. And I'm not quite sure at what point I want to begin calling raises instead of limping for 1 BB.

    You should call into the #pokersesh for advice. Limon is great with strat questions....

    (just kidding.... but this would be a great questions for Sunday's call-in show. Would love to hear some Ranges and positions that Bart would play if it was s nitty table, vs an aggressive table, etc..)

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  • DonkieRonDonkieRon Posts: 577Subscriber
    I don't think habitually limping is the Exploitive approach either Bart or Ed Miller would advocate. The style of Poker you are transitioning to is commensurate to Bingo IMO. Limp in and be on the right side of a cooler only works well when you are in God Mode.
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    Seems like you are thinking a little backwards. The point is not that you should seek exploitable times but that you should not worry when you think the best line is exploitable.

    The specific actions you mentioned were working for you in that game but those lines are only good in that specific game type (games where people will want to get in cheap but when they hit anything will make huge mistakes postflop and pay off large. )

    Widening your range cheaply - position matters but if you are playing hands that will have value one in 15 times you better be able to get the right value later.

    So forget exploitability of your lines - just pick the most profitable ranges and lines for the given game.

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  • luckyspewyluckyspewy Posts: 299Member
    I think generally they're talking about postflop having an unbalanced value range.
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  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Ed miller talks about the deeper in the hand the more exploitive you can be. His favorite play os overbetting rivers on scary runouts as bluffs because his player pool folds to much.

    This may or may not work in everyones player pool or against you or your opponents on any given night

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  • dannydeucesdannydeuces Posts: 239Member
    Exploit - make full use & derive benefit from.

    How to exploit? Exploit players whose "weak-tight" or "loose passive" style can allow you to play unbalanced ("exploitative"). Balancing is overrated and/or not needed in small stakes.

    Play in position. Iso-raise the weak-tight players at the table & barrel on good board textures. Iso-raise loose passive players (if you can) and go for value as thinly as can be.
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  • DonkieRonDonkieRon Posts: 577Subscriber
    To original poster!!!! Go on YouTube or the web and learn the differences between exploitative poker and GTO. The former is basically gona maximize win rate for the game your playing through adapting to the game conditions. The latter is a strategy in theory that is unexpoitable and will beat any and all games. However, it will not be the most profitable approach but in theiry unbeatable long term.
  • DrGambolDrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    Stop worrying about whether or not you should limp or raise hand X or hand Y. You need to worry about what mistakes your opponents make and then the answers should be obvious. If their mistakes revolve around folding too much, you need to bluff more and create situations that are favorable to bluff in. If they call down too much, then stop bluffing them and start value betting more.

    So to answer preflop with an example, if I have T9o utg and we have a guy in the CO that is nitty and folds too much to a preflop raise, I'm not going to open utg since it doesn't really target his mistake very well. But if he limps the CO and I'm on the button, then ISO raising will target him and cause him to make some folding errors.
  • iLikeCaliDonksiLikeCaliDonks Posts: 932Troll
    Explotive play comes down to one sentence. "Bet For Value Draw For Cheap".

    You dont need to balance vs llsnl players. They cant fold tp, they chase bad draws and cbet but give up on turns. So we can draw in position vs weak tight players who give up on scary turns. If we are going for balance we would bet if checked too. But when playing straight forward we check and just bet for value when we hit our hand.

    Limping and limp calling is bad. "Raise or Fold Calling Is A Leak"
  • TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    By limping you are exploiting fact that your opponents don't raise pf often enough, right? It's good, but I find that raising PF to exploit fact that my opponents call too much preflop is more profitable. Also raising huge to exploit fact that they don't 3bet light enough gives you even more profit.
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  • DonkieRonDonkieRon Posts: 577Subscriber
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