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Live $5/$10 NL: Float - Fire River?

teddybeerteddybeer Posts: 99Member
edited December 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$1600 eff. My image young TAG grinder, V same. Tight table, mostly nittyish regs, and 3-4 young grinders (counting myself). The kind of table sensible people move from, yeah :) Very few showdowns. People rarely pay off more than one street. Hands go fast for that reason. Raise.. folds around. Or raise, call, maybe 2 calls, c-bet, folds around. Rinse, repeat. There are 2 donkeys at the table but... they're tight lol. I have a tight image because I'm known as a tight player. I've played for maybe an hour so far, played maybe 4-5 hands, won them all, so image is great. Won them all without showdown, generally on the flop or preflop. V's been pretty snug as well, playing few hands but opening wide from LP of course. Folded his LP open to my 3b once. History.. well.. we generally stay out of each other's way; we generally don't make money from each other. We generally don't like to play each other as far as "let's make some money!" is concerned :)

V opens from MP2 to $30. I estimate his range to be pairs, broadways, higher SCs, higher suited Aces. Folds to me in CO, I flat with KsQc. Heads up to da flop.

Flop: Jd8h4s Pot ~ $80 V c-bets $50......... drumroll.... I FLOAT. Two overs and BDSD - bad?

Turn: 4h Pot ~ $180 V checks. I dutifully deliver $100. Yeah pairing turn is generally not thought of as a good card to fire but... I thought it was still good because he likely missed that flop and cbet air. Bad?

River: 4c Pot $380 V checks..........................

You and why? And yes, blasting me on earlier streets is much appreciated :)



  • luckyspewyluckyspewy Posts: 299Member
    Eh if you pot it you might get folds from Ace highs,99,TT or an eight. You can credibly rep a Jack, but he also has a lot of weak jacks in his range which are now full. It's not cut and dry. I think it comes down to his propensity to hero call. A good player shouldnt generally be bluffing another good player on this card, which might make it the perfect spot to bluff because you should probably get credit more often. I probably give up here more often than not, but might follow through around a third of the time.
  • iLikeCaliDonksiLikeCaliDonks Posts: 932Troll
    You cant float this flop. Yeah you have open ended BDSD but its not clean. Ace gives you a gutter. You also want a suited kq to float.

    Hand is butchered, fold pre.
  • iLikeCaliDonksiLikeCaliDonks Posts: 932Troll
    Also staying away from players is a leak.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Also staying away from players is a leak.

  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    floating is fine with me if you feel this player is likely to A) miss that board b) likely to fold to a bet from you on turn or a delayed double barrel (after he cbets flop)...

    His like looks alot like TT and 99 to me. If he has a hand like QT KQ AT etc.. he cant call a river bet and he beats you. I think you have to bet.. I think a bet around $200 will get you pretty much the same result as a bigger bet.. assuming he isnt going to look you up lighter.. which you said he is a good player and your line looks like you want a call.. value bet bluff..

    If he isnt the type to fold to you then I think its best to just fold the flop.. I found that a few players in my player pool just fold to me way way too often. It makes it almost 100% profitable to float with anything if they are going to fold to my bets on later streets..

    that said those guys are pretty loose from any position and have a very high folding frequency to me. they also dont really hand read..

  • Topset1610Topset1610 Posts: 280Subscriber
    I like a check back here. Awful run-out and if he called the turn I feel like he is planning on check / calling here on the river.

    If I was to bluff I would bet $300, but think a river check is best.
  • doubletapdoubletap Posts: 166Subscriber
    I like betting the river, he may even have just an ace here
  • ChristopherSigmanChristopherSigman Posts: 1,147Subscriber
    Underbluff river like $150 because it looks value-heavy, a lot like you have a J, should get him to fold A-high hands.
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