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OP vs donk lead

theface44theface44 Posts: 3Subscriber
edited December 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I am playing 2/5 at Palm Beach Kennel Club. I'm new to the table, but from the orbit that I have been here, villain seems to be the most active player at the table. I've done nothing.

Seen him get in Q8 on QT5tt on his button straddle after having raised pre, and he get SNAPPED off by AT by another regular. also seen him run a 3 barrel bluff with Q7hh out of position on J42sss5x9x as the PFR and he shows. He opened that hand to 40 from MP.

500 effective. several shorter stacks behind me.

Villain limps utg, I raise to 20 with TT from MP, BB calls, utg calls.

Flop ($60): 964r. sb checks, utg leads 40, Hero?

What is my plan here? should i be flatting w/ intention of calling him down on most runouts? Raising with the intention of getting it in assuming the sb folds? or raise and fold to his 3bet?
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