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Why so much in application

drew5harkdrew5hark Posts: 580Subscriber
At first thought, this hand played easily but I had just relistened to DPP epidose "Why So Much" and I realize now that this may have been much tougher had villain sized his turn bet different.

It is my 2nd hand as I came in behind the button in a $5 blind game
Effective stacks - Hero $500; Villian covers

Villain raises to 20 from early position, hero has KhKs in HJ and rasies to $55, villain calls (Pot $120)
Flop, Tc,9d,4s Hero bets 65, villain calls ($250)
Turn 8h, Villain leads for $300, hero shoves, river Kc, Villain says "queens are good and folds"

I put villain on TT/JJ/QQ/AK by default but I just sat down and had no prior history or read on anyone at the table. I recognized villain and knew he was a decent winning player even though I had never sat with him. The interesting thing here is exactly "Why so Much"...on the turn he has to have either the nuts or a Jack in my opinion and I think its a pretty easy shove given the action. Why would villian bet so much if he had QJ or a set? The real problem would have been a smaller lead or even a check raise on either the flop or turn. The turn overbet shows me that villain is not as good as I thought and he is totally overplaying JJ hoping he can get a villain off of QQ-AA that he doesn't know. I thought this was a great example of "why so much" and I would have shoved even if way deeper to get JJ to come along.. The river K is really insignificant but a nice icer on the cake. Any comments?
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