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DPP Podcast No 11: Why So Much

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 775Administrator
edited December 2014 in Deuce Plays podcast
In this episode Bart examines one of the key concepts of No Limit--why do we bet? Taking an aggressive action that gets all hands weaker than ours to fold and only better to continue on is a mistake that a lot of struggling players make. A lot worry about protecting their hands against draws instead of trying to extract value from them.



  • LV89149LV89149 Posts: 1Subscriber
    It's unclear to me why this is the first podcast in the CLP 101 curriculum. It refers to topics discussed in prior podcasts and casually mentions fairly advanced concepts. While I've played 2-5 for several years as a Vegas local, I wanted a 'from the foundation up, fill in all the holes' curriculum, and this isn't an encouraging start.
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