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Saw Bart raise A x x all heart board with AK no heart

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
I saw Bart and Dave at the Bike yesterday and while I was on my way over to the O8 game I stopped to say goodbye to both of them. While I was waiting I saw this hand go down at Bart's table.

Bart talks about in this weeks CLP about raising the flop with top pair against a flop donk bettor.. I didnt see all the action but I saw the flop action and this is what I remember. This is a 5/5 300-1000 game and I think the effective stacks were about 600..Bart has villains covered.

Guy to Bart's right bet something like 45 on an all heart board with A xx all heart.. I dont remember how much was in the pot.. Bart thinks then raises to I think 140.. the guy to Bart's direct right thinks for at least a min or two then eventually decides to go all in for I think 500 to 600.. guy on Bart's right calls and Barts shows AK top pair with no heart and folds ..

So what do you think the other 2 guys had and I will reveal what they did have after we have a little discussion.

Bart, Can you go over your action again and describe what you were thinking about the players? Hand ? Meta Game? ETC?



  • Gordon806Gordon806 Posts: 59Member
    Tough to guess what they had when you don't know the x x part or are you trying to tell us that it doesn't matter?
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    VincentReo said

    Tough to guess what they had when you don't know the x x part or are you trying to tell us that it doesn't matter?
    Nope just that I cant remember..lol.. Hopefully Bart will chime in. I thought it was interesting..

  • Indeed. Huge fish limped UTG, I raised with Ac Kd to $25 and 4 people called. (Pot $120)

    FLOP: Ah Jh 5h

    Donk UTG bets $45. I raise to $145, guy to my left makes it $325 with $300 left, folded back to UTG who moves in. I fold. Guy to my right calls and has Ac Qh and donk has Kh 6h, amazingly!!

    I think this is a spot with four people behind me where I must raise-fold the flop (depending on stack sizes) to deny proper calls with draws. Everyone would inherently be getting 5-1 if I just called the small lead.

    I was actually going to fold to the guy to my left. His min raise seems so nutty--and in reality the only thing I can hope for here is specifically Ax Qh. If he had folded and it got back around to the donk, if he just called, he probably would have gotten my money on the turn. If he had bet 3-bet shoved, without any reads, I'm 50/50 getting about 2-1. Later I learned that he was super passive and that this would have been an easy fold.

  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    The guy with AQ came over to the O8 game where a friend I guess was playing ready to go and was talking about the hand.. the tank and then raise is just so bad.. I mean did he even think that it was likely that all three of you had top pair? The weak lead is so often top pair..

    So it was the passive guy that had the nut flush? Makes sense his small bet.. I wonder against a good player that it would be better to bet small rather than check with the virtual nuts..

    thanks Bart!

  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
    Seems like you always disagree with every time I run a hand by you but what you did here is exactly what I did w Q10 on 10 high board. I didn't want to allow the draws in behind me for a cheap price. Other side of this coin is he will put you on a draw if you just smooth call and you'll get more money from him if he has top pr. (Probably more applicable on fd board vs motone board but same idea). I guess the good side of raising is you find out where you're at quicker which you did on this hand (as well as dont allwo good price for draws).
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