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2/5 pair + oesd on 3 flush board.

TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
Effective stacks 650. 3 limp I open Jc9c to 30 in CO. All fold MP looks genuinely upset like he wanted to see flop with his hand and calls. He is casual player who wants to play well. He doesn't care much about money but likes to outplay people. He respect my game and want to prove he's as good or better. He opens his good hands PF and would easy call with PP to setmine. So I think most of his range are suited connectors and gappers.
(75) 9s8s5s MP check I bet 65. I usually bet bigger on mono flops if I bet. He calls.
(205) Th MP donks 125. I think he has two pair like 9T 89 or 8T very often here. He doesn't want me to check back with one card FD. I think I have enough implied odd to call here. I also going to bluff on river spade if he checks. i dont think shove here have much FE cause he will put me on pair + FD very often here. I call.
(455) Qd MP check I shove 400.
What do you think?


  • I dont mind the play although I would probably bet less on the river. I've found that so often people just don't bluff off their entire stack at these levels and in order for him to call he would have to put you on the naked As. I think if you do call turn you certainly have to plan on bluffing the flush card.

  • I'd be like 250 on the river. I like the hand.
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