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Poker Mastermind Group

gshotov@gmail.com[email protected] Posts: 27Subscriber
edited October 2014 in Poker Goals and Challenges
Hey guys, I will be starting a poker mastermind group. I live in Saigon and have friends who work on location independant businesses who use mastermind groups. They utilize the mastermind every week and it helps them out immensely. They stay motivated, focused, creative, and are consistently making more and more money. They help each other achieve goals, stay accountable, solve problems from a new perspective; this can be applied directly to poker.

The meetings will take place over video chat (skype, etc..) regularly. I'd like to start a group of 3-5 like-minded individuals who play NLH. The primary discussion will be about HH's. We'll also bounce idea's off of one another, discuss goals, help each other achieve these goals, discuss CLP and whatever other poker themes we want. Right now i'm not putting much emphasis on the stakes at which you play because the point is to see the HH's from a new perspective, to keep each other accountable, focused, motivated and constantly improving. It's also an advantage to have players of different skill levels and different points in their careers.

Business and political leaders have using mastermind groups for decades, so have poker players, why the fuck shouldn't you?


pm me if your interested
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