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Increasing Focus at the Table

JohnnyBestJohnnyBest Posts: 33Subscriber
edited October 2014 in Poker Goals and Challenges
Dear Community,

After listening to CLP Podcast 104: Zoned In, I thought I would share some information about developing your focus. By focus, I mean the ability to pay attention and remember what is happening in a hand and at the table. The concentration here is on your short-term memory and fluid intelligence. There have been many papers written in academic psychology journals that tout the benefits of dual N-back training to increase your intelligence and short-term memory. An introduction to this can be found in the following paper:

<a href="http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2008/04/25/0801268105.abstract">Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory" by Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl, John Jonides, and Walter J. Perrig</a>

There are numerous free training apps on the market, as well as training through Lumosity. I believe that dual N-back training for 20 to 30 minutes a day can definitely increase your short-term memory and fluid intelligence. This will lead to increased focus at the tables. This would be especially useful for stud games. Here, knowing the folded up-cards and the previous streets actions is extremely important. Furthermore, it may be useful to develop a poker player centered dual N-back app. This would involve displaying cards or betting amounts and then asking the user if they recall the previous N cards or bets. This may be an interesting project for myself, if I have the time...

Anyways, I hope this peaks your interest in N-back training. Please search on Google for other academic papers as well as open source N-back apps. Hopefully, with dedicated training, this can improve your focus at the tables. I know it has helped me.

- John


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