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CLPLO No.19: Planning Ahead

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 777Administrator
edited October 2014 in Crush Live PLO Videos
Don talks about why it is important consider future runouts when evaluating your hand strength and goes over a few examples on how we can apply this technique to make better decisions on the current street.

Episode posts at 2pm ET.



  • ToddJordanToddJordan Posts: 2Subscriber
    It seems like 17 minutes for only discussing 1 hand is a little bit of over kill
  • komkom Posts: 225Subscriber
    Disagree, I want to hear all of Don's thoughts.
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    Hey guys! Just in case anyone is looking for the latest CLPLO video here, I've decided to do a podcast this week instead (explained why in the podcast). You can check out the new subforum for that to talk about it.
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