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5/10 deep - I have nuts on turn and get raised!!

Game: 5/10 NL Hold 'em

Hero (HJ) - $3200
Villain(Button) - $3100

Pre: 1 limper to hero. Hero raises to $40 with QcQh. CO Calls. Villain calls on button. Blinds fold. Limper calls.

Flop ($160): QsJh3c
Hero bets $90. CO folds. Villain calls. EP limper folds.

Turn ($340):QsJh3c2s
Hero bets $200. Villain raises to $500.


Villain and I have played several (5-7) sessions at 5/10 together. He is a middle-aged asian guy wearing sunglasses, I am white guy in my 30's.

I started session winning several pots in short order, but have since been card dead/outflopped and have been losing chips and have added back on as my stack dipped. Just recently won a couple of smallish/medium pots. Not sure how much of this villain notices.

Villain - when I sat down, he had around $400, spiked a set on turn and got it in 3 ways and held to triple up, won a "splash the pot" promotion, and flopped a set of 4's against PFR on Ace high flop - he check-called flop, check raised pretty big on turn (PFR called checkraise with ATsuited b.c. he picked up flush draw on turn), and bombed river which PFR tank-called b.c. he rivered top and middle pair (and was still beating nothing in this guy's range).

In the sessions I have played with him, he seems to have a giant limping range (any two suited, any two connected, pairs, etc) and will limp call much of this range. He probably is calling a very similar range in position to an open. He does seem to be playing a bit tighter today than in the past, however.

History between villain and myself - no significant pots between us this session. In past sessions, I won a big pot by raising A9dd in HJ over two limpers (including him), flopping top pair (9) and bdfd, betting flop - he check calls. Turn brings in 2nd diamond for my bdfd and brings in straights. He checks, I bet again, He xraises me (~300 more for me to call for pot of 750, with ~1200 behind). River is straightening diamond and he open ships. I snap call, table the nuts and win. Another pot I opened 7's, he calls OTB. Flop 234 rbw. I bet, he calls. I then check/call two raggy streets on turn and river to induce bluffs, and my 7's are good for mediumish pot. Third pot I open KK UTG, get 3 calls including him in BB. I bet flop and turn on J-high board and he check calls. River A and he bombs it (~ 2/3 pot) and he folds. In general, I think he views me as a solid player, but I really don't know what's going on in his head.

My general view of him is on the fishier side - I think understands absolute hand strength but not relative hand strength and pushes his good hands hard (sets, two pairs, str8's, etc), but will also pay off when he holds these hands and is facing aggression from someone who clearly is holding a stronger hand (i.e. two pair on obvious flushing board.)

With his raise of my bet on turn, I weight his range strongly towards made hands (two pair: QJ, even J2, J3, etc; sets: JJ, 33) as about 90% of his range. He could have a hand like K10ss (for open ender plus flush draw), but I'm not sure that he would be that aggressive even with a draw as big as this and I think he would just call with it a lot of time.

What action should I take on the turn and river to extract maximum value? Please include action and sizing for each street. On river, does your action change if river is offsuit Ace, 9spades, or offsuit 8?


  • I'd make it $1300 on the turn followed up by a shove on the river. If he checks the river on one of those scare cards you could consider betting smaller at the end--not because we're scared but because he might not pay off the full amount. If he bets large on a spade I would seriously consider making a tough fold. Guys are never turning two pair or sets into bluffs.

  • CrazyCBettorCrazyCBettor Posts: 46Member
    I was very close to bart ;) Make it 1200 on the turn and shove all rivers (~1700). Bart we are OOP.
  • coolfish7coolfish7 Posts: 29Subscriber, Professional
    Yep, I think turn 3b is mandatory to get the chips in, and I agree with the 1200-1300 sizing. Only spade draw he can have is something like JXss or maybe KTss. You need to get more money in now since the draws obv won't pay you off if they brick the river, and if he has a set of 2 pair you definitely don't want to let a scare card come off to kill your action. And if he somehow 4bs the turn then you should be able to shove back and get the chips in now.

    A river spade would be tough because I don't know that it'd be an automatic ship, especially IF he can fold a set or 2 pair. In that case you might be able to bet something just less of all-in and make a bet/fold for some ridiculous price if he shoves. The A9dd hand you listed in the history though makes it seem like he doesn't really recognize backdoor possibilities so he's probably still stacking off with those hands even on a spade river. So, likely shove river anyway.
  • Any merit to clicking it back on turn (to get villain to come back over the top) or shoving on turn?
    IRL, I played the hand exactly as suggested here - just trying to think of alternative lines.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    ddz said

    Any merit to clicking it back on turn (to get villain to come back over the top) or shoving on turn?
    IRL, I played the hand exactly as suggested here - just trying to think of alternative lines.
    I dont think there is a difference between the click back or the raise in getting villain to shove.. He is either shoving a raise or calling one. with so much behind you have to raise to be able to get more money in the pot.

    Given your description he can pretty much have any two pair or set. I doubt he is folding these hands..

    Have you ever seen him min raise a backdoor draw before? The min raise actually looks like either top pairish type hand or 2+ plus to me. In my games I basically never see anyone raise the turn on a draw and certainly a min raise is just ludacris if he does.

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