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Seat Open 4 "Betting and Raising the Turn"

A discussion of SO #4 goes here. I'd like to hear some feedback about the new audio settings as well.



  • KentBeckKentBeck Posts: 3Subscriber
    Just finished the episode. The audio was echo-y at times and a little distorted in spots. I prefer the previous quality but it isn't a deal breaker for me.
  • Rocketman74Rocketman74 Posts: 451Subscriber
    I thought the audio was fine....
  • kaartmankaartman Posts: 16Subscriber
    Audio was perfectly fine.
  • MatthewCahowMatthewCahow Posts: 5Member
    The audio quality was ok. It wasn't much different than the previous episodes. It seemed a little bass heavy overall and there were some slight quality changes as the episode progressed. It sounded good to start, but as it progressed it seemed like you got gradually closer to the mic (kind of getting boomy and picking up some mouth noises) and at around 32 or 33 minutes in, there was a noticable change like you backed away from the mic. There were also a couple of spots where it distorted (KentBeck mentioned this), but I can't remember exactly where. Also, I'm being super picky here because you wanted feedback. Overall, it was fine and not a whole lot different than your older stuff.
  • The only issue I had was you were closer to the mike at times which made it louder or softer. The overall sound quality seemed better. I listen exclusively during my commute in my car and the audio seemed richer and cleaner. I could hear a lot more background sounds such as your chair squeaking and other minor sounds which is fine. I think if you perfected your 'distance' to the mike the overall sound is better and richer.

    Other feedback: I'm quite sure several times you've referred to the site as seatopenpoker .COM. Also, the last 6 shows or so you've done a lot of changing on the hands especially on the flop. Are these written down or from memory? It's a bit distracting at times to have the cards change.

    All in all, you are my favorite podcast and podcaster. I've been listening since the first show (years ago) and I look forward to every week. I don't always agree but it's 100% quality every time. My thin value game is because of you.

    And more PLO. I'm 99% PLO online so I love anything with live PLO in it. Let the haters hate, but PLO is a fine game that everyone needs. I know my NLHE game has progressed 200% since playing PLO, you learn so much from it so much faster.

    Thanks for keeping the show going Bart.
  • ChristopherSigmanChristopherSigman Posts: 1,147Subscriber
    Audio sounded just fine to me, both in my car and through my earbuds with my iPhone. Thanks for the great work, Bart! I look forward every week.

    In an effort to get more "Bart," I've gone back to your old Cash Plays episodes which I haven't listened to before and downloaded them to my phone. They're great listening. It's fun to listen to how your game and experience has evolved in the last few years. Lots of great comedy too - the Barry Greenstein episode with the Asian women and your former girlfriend was hilarious! Laugh

    Thanks again!
  • KeithClarkeKeithClarke Posts: 13Subscriber
    Audio was better, also I think your base line level of the show should be boosted about 10%, seems like you record at a lower volume than most other podcasts
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