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I think it's kind of funny - self perception in hand histories

DFNDFN Posts: 86Subscriber
edited July 2014 in Low Content Forum
It's rare anyone ever describes "Hero" as anything but a very good player with great table image. Anyone else see a problem with that? Are people's perception of themselves over inflated? Obviously there is the rare instance where someone suggests on this one particular night they are running bad so might have a weak table image....Villians are always awful with bad images to the same degree.

Are we always the best player at the table? That seems rather delusional. I was just thinking it's very tough to get honest feedback when the entire setup is forcing our belief system in a certain direction as a significant amount of the analysis is based on this information...


  • LVHLVH Posts: 171Member
    Yeah, that's a fair point. Plus, I'd rather know my perceived weaknesses than my perceived strengths. I have some vague memory of Dennis Phillips running a big bluff on High Stakes Poker because everyone "knew" he was incapable of doing so.

    Thinking about who the best player is, is dumb. We should think about if and how we can make money from other players and if and how they can make money from us. Dennis Phillips was the "worst" player on the table, but he knew how to make money of the others without giving them much shot of beating him. Don't think he ever came back because, obviously, that would change and he knew it.
  • RDFRDF Posts: 183Member
    Good point - this is the reason poker exists as a gambling game.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    I don't really agree wth this. Is seen and even posted hands where it will be stated hero has losing or bad image, has been caught bluffing or value owning etc.

    I do think hand histories are inherently biased towards what the reader interprets the reads like nit loose good or bad. There is no std to these terms I think this leads to some of the disagreements in lines and thinking.
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