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played horrible scared poker today

JakeflushJakeflush Posts: 24Member
edited July 2014 in Low Content Forum
1-3 @ ceasers lv I won't post any particular hands tonight I'll do that tomorrow but overall I am disgusting with the way I playedI gotta little unlucky but that shouldn't matter I played scared and I did not take any initiative there were a dozen + pots there for the taking and i could not pull the trigger Guys c betting when they obvuously missed and i folded meekly my handreading was atrocious I will get into specifics tomorrow but basically I couldn't be more disappointed I lost 100 big blinds to a guy that didn't realize that the pot got chopped when the river made the board a nut straight such a soft game and so many mistakes only bright spot was a fold of tptk


  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    We all have bad days at the office. I'd think about what caused you to play scared today; and if you recognize those emotions, don't play.
  • DFNDFN Posts: 86Subscriber
    i have faced this same situation in the past and typically found it to be a result of insufficient bank roll. i'm not saying that is the case here but when you're playing with scared money it is nearly impossible to play properly. best of luck turning it around, the fact that you recognize the spots is probably the most important piece. lot of jack holes will come out of a night like you had with the impression that they were simply unlucky, the dealer was at fault for spiking cards on the river, etc...

  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I will give you an idea of what really helped me.. this past wsop I play bigO.. which involves multiple larger bets.. when I got back I had a much easier time making these larger bets..

    also total confidence in my game has helped alot. I keep going back to understanding fundamental aspects of the game and just knowing the right things to do..

    we all go through these days.. dont beat yourself up over it.. thats not constructive.. just figure out what was it that you felt off that day.. berating yourself keeps the feelings in ) the limbic (emotional portion ) of your brain and not allowing your frontal cortex to analyze and learn from the mistake. make sense?

  • JakeflushJakeflush Posts: 24Member
    thanks guys, it definatley a confidence problem I will be the first to admit that I am new in town and its a lot to take in and process I let my nerves got the best of me it wont happen again. the best part is that il some review and get back at it tomorrow the best thing for me is to get some serious hours under my belt
  • JakeflushJakeflush Posts: 24Member
    Played with confidence and the ability that i am capable of...have 2 hands which i will post tomorrow one ended up working very well bc of my image but was borderline reckless
  • Heisenberg512Heisenberg512 Posts: 9Member
    Playing scared is often a product of playing under-rolled. I am a bankroll nit myself and to feel completely at ease putting in large bets in high-variance spots I would need 20-25 200bb buyins behind, which at present I don't have for the games that run near me. So I often find myself taking a passive line in spots where I know that it isn't the correct play, simply because I want to minimise my risk of losing a large pot.

    How well rolled are you for the games you play? Then compare that to playing 5c/10c online for example where you wouldn't think twice about shoving in 400bbs if you thought it was the best play. There really isn't a magic bullet for building a live roll big enough that you will be completely at ease at the table, but it is something to think about when looking at the reasons why you might be playing scared poker. Thankfully for me personally, my bankroll issues are only temporary and I'll be getting my roll back in a few months time (real life stuff came up so I had to use it outside of poker), but for the time being it definitely has an impact on my game, as I expect it would do with most players.

    If bankroll is not an issue, I would perhaps look at whether your read on players is off the mark especially when you say that you feel you are missing a bunch of good cbet spots. I think it is easy to get stuck in a mindset of thinking 'these players never fold' when playing in live loose passive games and fall into a pattern of passive play yourself trying to just make hands.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    I would add one more thing.. as you improve and try to get more value the larger your value bets will be. for me at least this was a harder transition then I expected. It felt weird making such big bets.. now I am used to it at the $5 blind level but if I played 5/10 they would seem big again.. this just takes some time and as op becomes more comfy with betting bigger and being correct then this will pass.


    Dont make promises you cant keep. We ALL have bad days..dont pretend that it wont happen again. My worst recent day was folding that damn full house on the river on LATB.. but honestly I am so thankful for it. why? it forced me to address a leak I was ignoring.. since then I have worked on that and I have had a huge upswing in my results... making mistakes isnt the issue.. not learning from them is.. own the mistake..admit it.. rationally reflect and make adjustments.. to me thats way way more important that trying to be perfect before hand..

  • DonkieRonDonkieRon Posts: 577Subscriber
    Roller coaster is in your future. Good luck handling it.
  • Heisenberg512Heisenberg512 Posts: 9Member
    Agreed, I come from an online tournament background which means my bet sizing in live NL games is probably on the side of being too small, however this isn't specifically due to being money scared or whatever, it's just how I'm used to betting online in order to get a call. Every time you bet an amount that is less than the maximum your oppo would have called you've cost yourself money, and over time this will add up to a huge amount if you play any decent volume. From a practical standpoint, if every time you were to decide on your value bet sizing during a hand, you then added a single big blind to that amount, I doubt it will have any effect on people's call/fold propensity whatsoever but would have a massive impact on your bottom line over the course of a year.

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