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two hands from 5/10

SupremeNinjaSupremeNinja Posts: 137Subscriber
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hand 1 - the hero call

Hero $1000
V1 $1000 - reg fish that plays fairly weak tight
V2 $1500 - super fish, played with him the night before down to 4 handed. older east indian guy that plays super loose (any 2). oblivious to bet sizing in the sense that he'll call any amount on any street with any type of connection (i.e. gut shots).

V1 in MP raises to $35
V2 in CO calls
Hero in BB completes with K :s: 8 :s:

Flop ($100) 8 6 2 :r:

Hero leads $60
V1 calls
V2 calls

turn ($280) offsuit J×

Hero bets $180
V1 folds
V2 calls

river ($640) 4×

Hero checks
V2 all-in
Hero calls

Hand 2

Hero - $3000
V1 - same as V1 in previous hand w/ $1000
V2 - $2000 - reg fish that plays quite loose PF. he does over value mediocre hands like KQ or AJ ir KJss and will flat 3 bets with them --- which is pretty weak in this game.

V1 limps UTG
Hero raises to $40 with 8 7 MP
V2 calls on button
V1 calls

Flop ($135) 6 9 K

V1 checks
Hero bets $80
V2 raises to $180
V1 calls
Hero calls

*when I see fish raise small like this in position. my first instinct is a flush draw that wants a free river.

turn ($675) 10
V1 checks
Hero bets $340 (too small?)
V2 tank calls
V1 folds

river ($1355) 7

hero checks
V2 bets $400
hero folds (?)

*i was going to bet fold the river about $550-600 because I know he can't bluff raise me.. but then I also knew he isn't capable of betting the river without the flush or a bluff. i don't see any bluffs in his range where he is min raising the flop, and calling my turn bet... is it a good check-fold on the river?



  • DrGambolDrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    I think I like hand 1. Leading the turn again is a little debatable but not bad by any means. This is especially true if you think his strong overpairs are raising flop.

    Hand 2, I'd bet more OTT. And I think I'd prefer a small b/f over c/f. There's too good of a chance he just made a bad flop raise sizing with AK or 2 pair. I like c/f better than c/c though so I don't mind it that much.
  • LVHLVH Posts: 171Member
    Hand 1 is super player dependant, I suppose. There are missed draws. There are sets, some two pairs, maybe 53 or an AJ or a J-T, though it would be strange to shove those. Maybe a-8 turned into a bluff. He is betting your $725... over pot and, maybe more importantly, several times the turn bet. I rarely see that as a bluff, but I play lower. Anyway, I'd require much more reason than you've given here to call. Have you seen him do this as a bluff? Is he super annoyed with your aggressive play?

    Is there an argument to be made for limping 8h7h in a hand with 2 stationy players who will often call us with bigger cards? Do we take this down pre much at all? How many flops are we c-bet, giving up on? I might prefer to try to hit cheaply and let the stations pay us off then.

    I would bet more on the turn. There isn't much of a call/fold decision with a good FD. I tend to think he was considering raising.

    What about a CR on the turn? A made hand is betting almost always. I can see KQ checking, I guess. A lot of his FDs, maybe most, are either combo draws or have a ten and sometimes both. They might call quite a lot, perhaps even all in. "I had a pair and a flush draw, what could I do?"
  • dannydeucesdannydeuces Posts: 239Member
    Hand #1 - think it is a fold. field caller/bad player could have many gappers in his range that make a straight (i.e. 5-7). Overbets on the river are rarely bluffs unless have seen previous history of villian.

    Hand #2 - well-played except for sizing on the turn - thinking about 100 more to about 450 or so.
  • maphacksmaphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    hand1, I really like flop and turnplay. river I would consider betting myself. When he overbets, I think you can only call if you think he is capable to turn made hands into a bluff here and there. + is he trapping big hands? is he vbetting any Jx? If yes, it's probably more of a fold.
    hand2, bet bigger OTT, probably 3/4 pot. River I would probably bet 1/3 - 1/4 pot vs bad loose passive player and fold if he raises. With your given description I think x/c river is the worst play. C/f seems okay as well.
  • Sean777Sean777 Posts: 356Subscriber
    edited July 2014
    I love hand 1, I think you played it well, and I like the call.

    Hand 2, I like it until the river. Yeah you could easily be beat, but it's not out of the question for him to value bet a king. You said he tank called the turn. That is not indicative of a draw in my opinion. I would imagine an AK type hand. If he ever has the balls to bluff you, a scare card like that is a perfect one to do it on. He can be representing a number of two pair, flush, or straights if he thinks he can get you off of a top-pair type hand. Since you're the preflop raiser, and he's a fish, he probably puts you on a hand almost exactly like AK.

    I much prefer a smallish bet fold, I think $400 is perfect amount to bet and be confident you're not getting raised unless you're crushed. He may also lay down his AK or KQ type hands, but if you think he'll bet them when checked to you have to call. It's either a check-call rarely vs some players, or more often a bet-fold on the river in hand 2.

    I would have to be 100% certain that he's raising a flush draw in order to check-fold this river.
  • fishcakefishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
    Hand 1 seems like a good spot to 3bet pre vs. weak tight opener and loose field caller. I hate calling OOP with trash like this. Flop and turn are good and I think river is a close call against a player like this.

    Hand 2 more on turn for sure and easy bet/fold on river. I think check/folding for $400 is pretty bad.
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