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thin vbet?

maphacksmaphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
nl1k, 150bb cap game

hero, neutral image (rather tight), 2k stack.
villain 1, pretty tight
villain 2, old guy, losing, not super tight but very straight forward post, 1,5k stack
villain 3, young guy, okay player, 2k stack


villain 1 UTG raises to 40, hero calls AcKc UTG+1, villain 2 calls UTG+2, villain 3 raises to 140 in HJ, UTG folds, hero calls (2k effective), villain 2 calls.

flop (475) KsTs3d, checked around,

turn (475) 7c, hero bets 290, Villain 2 calls rather quickly, villain 3 folds.

river (955) Qh, hero? , villain has about 1k behind.

I am almost 100% sure old guy would raise any set or KT. So his range is flushdraws, QJ,JJ,KJ some Tx and KQ. It's probably safe to say he has all KQ combos in his range. I don't expect him to raise a blockbet and also I don't expect him to turn QJ or Tx into a bluff. not sure what to do here.


  • DrGambolDrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    Does he bluff a lot of his draws if you check? If he doesn't, then I think we have a mandatory bet, especially if he won't raise a small one. I'd bet $400ish. He may decide to hero call one pair when the draws miss and would probably play better hands a little faster.

    By the way, "loosing" is not a word. I assume you mean losing (as in to not win) rather than being a loose player (opposite of tight).
  • TyrithTyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    Hrm, this one is close. I would put his turn range on AK, KQ, QJ, JJ, and draws. I don't expect him to turn any of those draws into bluffs in such a large pot. Question is, will he call enough with QJ/JJ to make up for the times he calls with KQ? It's close...I think you could bet $400 or so and get called enough, but I also wouldn't blame you for checking.

    If we check, against this guy it's a check/fold.
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