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5/10 NL how would you play this?

PHILtheRUSHPHILtheRUSH Posts: 78Subscriber, Professional
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hand 1: 5/10 1800 effective villain is lag recreational.

Villain opens in EP to 40, hero calls with 1010 in mp, button calls.

Flop: QdTd3 (135)

Villain checks, hero checks, button bets 100, villain raises to 200, hero calls.

Turn: 9c (635)

Villain bets 140, hero raises to 400, villain calls.

River: 7h (1435)

Villain checks, hero?


  • RDFRDF Posts: 183Member
    All in
  • NutsUppercutNutsUppercut Posts: 146Subscriber
    All in
  • hoodstarhoodstar Posts: 68Subscriber
    I would bet the flop myself. As played shove river
    Thanked by 1SKOO
  • LownstarrLownstarr Posts: 268Subscriber
    edited July 2014
    1. Does the rec LAG call a lot of raises pre-flop if he's invested money? If so, I'd look to isolate him and would have re-raised to something like $120. Punish him for playing too loose pre-flop.

    2. As played pre-flop, that's a pretty wet flop with a Broadway top card, straight possibilities that connect with Broadway hands and a flush draw. I'm going to bet like $90 there to try and get called by Qx hands and draws.

    3. As played with a check on the flop, when the villain raises to $200, I'm trying to put him on a range. Given you call him a rec LAG, I'm assuming he could have hands here like AQ, QT, KJ, Axd...things other than QQ...and that he's sticky with hands where he's raised. If so, then I'm going to re-raise to something like $400-600...whatever you think he'll call. I want to get some more money in before a scare card comes.

    4. As played with a call of the flop raise, I think you're way ahead or way behind here. If you're ahead, I'd like to keep him betting and would just call. If you're behind, you still have a draw to a full house (unless he has QQ) with 5.5:1 odds. So, I'd just call here.

    5. As played with the turn raise and call, with a threatening board, I'd wonder why he wouldn't have re-raised a hand like a set of queens or a made straight. That said, $400 is a sizable bet and he still called. So, I'd look at making a bet/fold here on the river. If you bet something like $500-600, that leaves enough for a sizable re-raise all-in for him. If he shoves, I think I'd fold. Otherwise, you extracted quite a bit of the effective stack there.
  • SKOOSKOO Posts: 160Subscriber
    Why didn't you bet the flop?
  • ArenzanoArenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    Not really sure why the V isn't continuing on this flop, but we should be betting the flop for value, there are several hands that will call us.

    The villain's check raise would indicate a fairly strong made hand or good draw like Ax or Kx diamonds. I'm not sure I raise the turn without reads or history, the bet is small which could mean he has already made his hand and he is trying to keep you in the pot.

    The check on the river, seems strange too, I'm probably betting here, but I don't like an all in bet. What hands are going to call us? AQ, KQ, QJ aren't calling a huge shove. QT might, but is unlikely he has that. Busted FD fold. I think only QQ and KJ call a shove and we won't like that. I'm sizing the river around 450 to get value from one pair hands and maybe QT
  • maphacksmaphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    I very very rarely see people c/mr draws as pfr. QQ makes sense but that's it. once we bet the river it's really tough to fold for these odds (if we bet 500 or more at least). It's so player dependent when you play against fish... If you forced me to give an answer I would say I bet 800 or so if he is the kind of fish with just one buyin, and if he doesn't seem to care I just ship the river. that said I would raise a little more on the turn so we don't need to make such a huge bet on the river to have less FE OTR.

    I don't think anyone of us can find a better solution than you at the time at the table
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