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tough spot against a good aggressive opponent

jossimarjossimar Posts: 7Member
Hi there. I was playing £1-2 (400 cap) at the Vic in London and there was a guy at my table who was very aggressive and very good, so he stuck out like a sore thumb. He normally plays at higher levels. We tangled in the following hand:

Effective stacks £350. Hero has 2 red Kings.

One limper, I make it 12 from cut-off, button calls, BB calls and limper calls. £49 in the pot. Flop is monontone spades KJ7. Checked to me, I make it 25 (probably a mistake, should be 35), button folds, BB makes it 80, field limper folds and back to me. I thought for a while, and shoved. I was insta-called and he flips over AT of spades, which hold up.

I pushed as he was raising a lot in the game (and was capable of raise folding) and thought he could would raise with a pair with a flush draw. When I stoved with these hands in his range (ie flopped broadway pairs with a flush redraw) along with nut suited aces and sets and 2 pair, I was a 65% favourite. I didn't want to call and play a guessing game on the turn, so am generally happy with my play, but any thoughts would be appreciated.



  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    There's not much to discuss about this hand. It's just a cooler.

    You probably should bet bigger on the flop, as you already mentioned.
    The only interesting question in this hand is how to react to his flop raise. The hand is pretty similar to the one discussed in this week's SOP Vol 17 thread, where Bart stacked off with KK on a Qhigh monotone board. His overpair with second NFD is practically the same hand as your top set, as you are behind flushes but have outs.

    If villain is very aggressive, I would often flatcall to let him fire again on the turn. He is probably playing the naked Ace of spades the same way, so let him put more money in the pot. On the other hand, he probably won't fold this hand either, so I am not sure if it makes a significant difference. Just as in Bart's thread, where I disagree with him about the best play, I think it's a close spot here as well. Would be interesting to hear others' opinions.

    The way you played it is certainly fine and never a huge mistake, since you should always have decent equity (even > 30% against the current nuts).
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    His raise is very small on flop.. That would normally mean top pair.. But you have top set so its very unlikely aggro guy has a King. So I would say to myself.. Why is an aggro player betting so small? I find they cannot help themselves being aggro but his small raise is to induce a play like you made.

    I had a similar hand match up last week where after losing cooler after cooler, I finally flopped top set (Qs in my case) on monotone board . But I was against a tight player who basically check raised me all in since his raise was most of his stack. I shoved he called with Ace high flush and I didnt fill up.

    In a situation with an aggressive opponent you need to give him as much rope to hang himself as you can. These players will use board texture to get you to fold a better hand and their ranges are just so wide. So given this I am leaning towards just calling his raise and depending on his bet on the turn I might go all in to charge his draws (Ax ) .

    But if you think he will call off with his draws then I am fine with raising all in on the flop as well. As noted you have at worst about 35% equity . In my hand I had not been at the table that long and I was not going to fold so I decided for the total of about 200-250 dollars I was just going to see the last two cards.. So I shoved.
  • CrazyCBettorCrazyCBettor Posts: 46Member
    I don't agree with the shove. You said he is good, so I don't think he will call you often with weaker. (I don't think he will call you with AsJ, because it is obvious when you shove that you are not doing that with AA without a spade) The only weaker hand you can get to call you is a set of 77 (I dont think he has JJs as an aggresive player would raise it preflop). I think your best line is to call him down unless a spade peels off, and you always run that risk in deep stack cash games, nothing much you can do about it.
  • Call>shove. You described a "very good" player. A strong player is not going to call your turn shove with the naked As, so you're never getting called by worse (except maybe 77, as Crazy points out). But if he's bluffing with the naked As, then he might continue to fire the turn. Let him.
  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
    Your right Whatsyourplay. Similar hand so Barts KK hand we disagreed with him on. I call all the way. Yes worse can call but most of the time worse wont call imo so calling the is right move. Plus you dont want to get blown off your hand and you protect your stack in your deep. In addition if the board pairs you have good implied odds since he may have a hard time letting go of the nut flush. I lean towards pot control here unless you fill up. Call 2 streets and if the board doesn't pr on the river and he fires again you can easily fold as he's not betting into you 3 times without a very strong flush. He'll check the river after 2 calls by you (99% of competition will here I think). Personally I dont like building up a big pot when its very possible I could be behind and have many outs to go with it.
  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    If u want a better evaluation of your hand, don't post results in the original post. Stop your post at the decision point, which is after the villians c/r.

    Anyway, I'd agree with the call/call/fold to river shove line.
  • jossimarjossimar Posts: 7Member
    Thanks for the imput. I'll leave out the results next time.
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