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AhQh utg 1/3 NL 250bb deep

CTCT Posts: 62Subscriber
Hero has AhQh I open utg to $15 , 3 callers inlcuding Villian(opponent) on Btn.

Hero has been active viewed as competent , regular, rec/enthusiast , I view opponent as good, rec player, mid 30's , has played tight and only showed KK or AK on 4 occasions over 2.5 hrs played

I cover, opponent has $700 +

Pot $60

Flop : Qc Jh 10h

I cbet ... All fold to Opponent who calls

Amount of cbet ?
Do you committ to this flop for stacks?
Turn is a 2 s, about as brick of a brick


  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    What does villains 3betting range compared to his flatt-calling range look like? I.e. would you expect him to 3bet AK? Will he always 3bet AA, KK, and QQ, or will he flatcall those (some of the time maybe)?

    How tight is he postflop? How tight/loose are you in his perception? Would you expect him to continue with something like T9 on the flop, for instance?

    In a vacuum, I would generally bet rather large on such a wet flop. However, in this example, there are hardly any turn cards you have to be afraid of, since you have the NFD plus a gutshot to the nut straight. You also block a lot of drawing combos he could have. All in all, I would bet something like 40-45, in order to keep weaker hands in his range.

    I also bet almost every turn. If the stacks were shorter, you could consider some other lines, such as C/R all-in or check-call, check-call. But with these stacks, I would just bet around 60-65% of pot on turn, and possibly bet river small, depending on the board runout.
  • WackabrewWackabrew Posts: 400Subscriber
    I would c-bet large on this flop (close to pot). You are getting called by TONS of hands here. Any flush draw or straight draw is calling. Your hand can stand a raise here as well with the stacks so deep. The fact that the villian just calls our c-bet indicates 2-pair at best unless he is tricky and willing to slow play a set on a super wet board. Most players that I play with would almost instantly raise in this situation if they had a set.

    I would bomb the turn as well - something close to pot again. Betting that large would allow me to find a fold if raised. Anyone that's raising a PSB on the turn has us crushed (JJ or 1010 is 75% and AK has us in an even worse spot). If smooth called again, we are most likely up against a combo draw or 2 pair. On a river card that pairs the board, I would bet again for value, but something a bit smaller (2/3 pot), and folding to a ship. On a river card that brings the flush or K, I am bombing away (1.5x pot probably), hoping that his draw came in (the best case scenario here is that villian has Kh in his hand). He's not calling with 2 pair hands anyway on a 1-liner or flushing board.
  • OminousCowOminousCow Posts: 702Subscriber
    I agree with whatsyourplay on flop and turn line. The main hands that I'm trying to extract value from on the turn is KQ and worse combo draws.

    Your hand is quite protected since your most likely value hand on this board is AK and you are obviously never folding that to a raise. Unless the villain has AK himself, his hands are tied by this. Furthermore, since you have 12 nut outs on the turn, if you go with somewhat smaller betsizing, it's unlikely you will be priced out by a raise by the villain. For instance, if you bet $90 on the turn into $140, you will have $570+ behind. If the villain raises to $250, you will be getting 3-to-1 on a call which is almost explicit odds to chase and $410+ left to play. It's pretty easy to make money in that situation.
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