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$5/10 NLHE

shmedshmed Posts: 321Subscriber
Another tough hand, different session. Sorry for the vague title (pressed submit before editing): add KK, playing for stacks on the flop or something like that.

I had been active, winning image recently shifted to losing image (had doubled up, but lost over half my stack on rivered FH over my flopped straight). However, villain was relatively new to the table and had not seen that hand. This was in vegas, villain was young and seemed like a pro based on him knowing a few others at the table, talking about how he recently moved to vegas to play poker etc. Effective $1500 I had him covered.

He raises to $50 UTG, I am to his left with KcKs and re-raise to $200, he thinks for a bit and calls.

Flop comes Jh4c3c.

He leads for $150, I reraise to $400, he shoves for $900 more.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


  • Looks like the pot is $2100 $900 to call. This is a close spot and the boat has really been bloated up because of your raise on the flop and the 3 bet. With the Kc in my hand I would probably fold. I think best case scenario you are up against an 11 out draw and if you think this guy is decent he really should never have QQ or AJ here. Wonder why you decided to raise the flop? Against a good player it commonly will put you in a way ahead way behind situation and some of the time you will be forced to be in a spot like this.

  • shmedshmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Thanks Bart.

    In retrospect I agree with calling, not raising, the flop for the reasons you articulated.

    At the time, I decided to raise/fold flop for value in case he had a flush draw or AJ, thinking those hands may call -- and I could safely fold if raised as I would be likely against a set. I folded.

    But when he actually shoved, it was a much tougher fold than I thought -- I opened myself up to an overplayed FD, AJ, QQ and I just didn't have enough info to know. In retrospect I should use position to my advantage to call and gather more info on future streets.
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