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Adjusting early to mid position raises w AK

WillWayWillWay Posts: 35Member
Recently I have gotten into a few tough spots out of position with AK. Last session I found AKc in middle position of a 1/2NL full ring with a slew of callers. Since AK is volatile multiway, should my raises be larger for premium hands in early to mid positions to close out multiway action and get more value? It seems that getting too many callers OOP w AK could not only bloat the pot unnecessarily, but running into negative implied odds situations more frequently....

What do you guys think?
Thanks, Will


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    So this is my basic way I play AK...

    If its a utg or ep player who is tight I generally only call with AK since their raising range is much much tighter.. Now if its a laggy player I am more likely to flat when I am on the only other player. If there are callers in between then I am more apt to raise since there is now dead money in the pot and I can take it down preflop since a) original raiser can have a wider range & b) the callers behind are probably weak since they didnt three bet.

    Now my adjustment in general with almost any value hand out of position is I do tend to raise just a little more... not a lot but a little. so if in a 1/2 game and the raise is say to 7 with one caller, I might raise oop with AK to say 21 or 22.. in pos I might raise to say 17 or 18...

    As the raiser is mid pos their range is wider than in ep.. If again I am the only other player in the pot then again I like to call.. but will three bet if someone calls in between.

    If the original raiser is very very tight then I just might not call at all oop because I will never get any action unless I am beat .. in pos I might call because I could steal the pot if the tight weak player checks to me...

  • I don't mind getting a lot of calls when I have AK because I am comfortable playing postflop. I wouldn't want to raise to an among that will drive out weaker Aces and Ks and lesser holdings. If you can a slew of callers and you hit the flop--bet and evaluate. Usually you are going to just get called by worse.

  • WillWayWillWay Posts: 35Member
    Defining player position/tightness is a great point Wendy, and Bart is right about making more evaluation after the flop, and getting value from weaker holdings. I think I have had a more rote way of playing AK, and this is clearly a mistake. Thanks guys.
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