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2/5NL Whole range analysis, 3Bet pot.

QHealthyQHealthy Posts: 100Subscriber
edited April 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villain is loose passive (crazy) and view me as overly aggressive, I sucked out on him when I tried to bluff in a previous hand and now he's after me. When I tried to bluff him, I thought he was decent (He's a dealer in another poker club.)

effective stacks are about 1000$

UTG limps, villain MP raise to 30$, I reraise to 105 from the small blind, Limpers fold and villain calls.
I expect villain's range to be 99+ ATs+ AJo+ KQo+ here. I think he will continue to against a 3bet with his whole range.

So I would 3Bet him with JJ+ AQs+

Pot: 220$
Flop: K 5 2
I bet 135$ and he calls.

I would bet here with AA, KK, AK, AQs, KQ, and check/call QQ and JJ.
I dont expect him to fold any diamond or any pair, he saw me 3Bet 75s from the blind, and re-mentioned it a few minutes ago. Maybe it would even be good to bet QQ and JJ for value.

His range for calling is, 99-QQ, KQ, A x, AK, and any flush and any diamond draws.

Pot : 490$
Turn : A
I bet 325$ and he calls.

I would bet here with AA, KK, AK, AQs, I would check KQ, QQ and JJ if I did bet them on the flop.

His range for calling is AJ and AQ, with or without the A of I think at this point he would fold 99-QQ with no diamond, he might fold the 99 and TT with the diamond, not sure. He would probably shove AK.

Pot: 1150$
River: 8
I checks and he shoves the remaining of his stack.

I would check here with any non diamond hands.

I think he would check/back any pair any non A hands. which makes me have an easy fold. He played a few pots prior to this hand where he showed that he can't value bet thinly at all.

I think I played the hand very well but got unlucky on the river.

Extras: :D

Quotes from the fish:
-''He's gonna shits his pants when I hit.'' after calling with a gutshot when he showed me his 42o, at this point I thought he was leaving and I sat to his right to have position on an other player.

-He snap calls 2 streets with 4 2 on Q96 all diamonds. 6 on the turn, hits his flush on on the river and says '' I know my flush would be good, I saw it in your face''

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