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Calling with K-high flush (2nd nut)??

CalgaryPokerGuyCalgaryPokerGuy Posts: 342Subscriber
5/5 PLO, 5 way for $50 to flop with ATK9ssdd in MP

Flop 836ddx. Checked around. Turn 7d. Checked to me (2nd last to act), I lead for $175 into $250, fold, fold, BB check-pots for $775 ($1500 stack, hero covers). Folds to me.

Any pointers on playing the K-high flush? How often are we giving credit to a villian for having the nuts, with the belief that they are capable of the "dry-ace bluff"?



  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    Most villains won't value raise worse in this spot, so K-high flush is just a bluffcatcher.

    Making an overly simplistic assumption that villain will barrel river, you basically have to call ~$1300 to win ~$1900, so you need to be right about 40% of the time. However obviously this will be affected by rivers that pair the board, or he may choose to give up, etc.

    However most people won't play a lot of hands that have an unsuited ace (obviously unless it's like AKQJr) while they will play suited ace hands, so they won't have the dry ace that often.
  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    edited March 2014
    How did it end up 5-way for $50? Someone min raise?

    You should raise your hand preflop IMO. The rest, I agree with Don. Until you see they are capable, don't level yourself into thinking its a nut blocker raise.
  • CalgaryPokerGuyCalgaryPokerGuy Posts: 342Subscriber
    This player in general plays loose/aggro, he's not the type to think "My ace isn't suited - fold". He's spewed in many situations, and I've seen him show an ace on a flush board after opponents fold claiming it was dry a number of times (whether or not it was I'm not sure, but it shows he's aware of the bluff). I leveled myself into calling thinking he would rarely take this line checking twice (he likes to POT with draws, weak pieces, etc) and I thought my bet-size not being pot would indicate weakness and that a dry-ace bluff may work. He also appeared nervous when I was tanking which played a little into my call.

    I called off on the river when a low brick came. I assumed rather than giving up, he would still fire on a blank putting sets in my range making a river call difficult.

    Khalwat, there was a button straddle, blinds called, guy to my right calls, I raised to $50, btn and limpers called.

    So if you do decide that someone may be capable of the bluff, what factors do you take into consideration when deciding to call off?
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