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Now this is just rediculous!

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
Goes to show you NEVER try to bluff someone bad off of trips.. and a flat 4 bet shove is polarized.

I am playing a 2-5 200-1000 buy in game at Parx. Everyone in the hand has me covered, I have about 500. Its limped in two places before me I am in the co and I have KQ and I raise to 25. My image is tight and aggressive although I have not been active lately as I have been pretty card dead.

tight bad player in sb thinks for a moment and calls.. two limpers call and we are 4 handed to flop. SB is V1 and as I said is not a great player... V2 in ep is a player who likes to trap V3 is a tight pretty decent player and Hero, me.. 100 bucks in pot.

Flop A 6 6 two clubs..

If this were heads up I would totally c bet but 4 handed and a couple of bad players I just dont think its getting through. Also I have pretty much no equity since both my cards are red. lol..

Turn 2 spades..

Now sb leads into field for 65 bucks.. V2 flats and now V3 raises to 165. The ONLY think I could say bad about V3 is his raises are a bit big.. but other than that I think he is handreading and knows where he is in a hand.. So now V1 in the sb threebets to 365.. then V2 goes in the tank.. thinks for a really long time and now he shoves for over 900! V3 pretty much snap folds and now its about 500 for V1 to call.. its takes him about 3 to 4 minutes but finally does and you could see the fact on V2 is just sick.

os Q on river and V1 has 56 hearts for trips and V2 has just AJ os.. I swear how is it that I lost money last night! This is such bad play it just makes me want to cry!.. A bet threebet is a 6 for sure and the flat 4 bet shove is basically almost always pocket dueces .. how can you shove with just AJ and how can you call with 56 when you KNOW the tight player raised you?

Its because V1 and V2 are NOT putting players on hands but just their own value.. V2 was a trapper and expected me to do his dirty work on the flop .. Sorry buddy you have to bet your own hand .. Oh and why are you limping with AJ in the first place? V3 raise was fine and it was easy for me to get away from the hand.

BUT V1 has NOOOOO idea how lucky he is that a bozo decided to spaz out in a spot where pretty much no one does..

well back at it again tonight gang.. hope I get some better cards because these players have no clue..



  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Wendy, be happy that you did not hit anything and got out cheaply, learned a lot about these players, and got some funny entertainment on top for free! Laugh

    Also, you got the confirmation that people play really badly and that there's plenty of money out there to be made.
    Next time, you'll profit from their bad play.
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