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5/5 PLO Shorthanded

JPJP Posts: 56Member
Game is 5/5 PLO 200-1000, end of night and we are playing 4 handed. Two big fish, myself, and another decent reg who is main Villain in this hand. Villain is kind of nitty and we both have played probably 10 decent sessions together in past few months. He knows I think hes a nit and he views me likely as someone that is capable and makes moves frequently.

I straddle CO to $10 and pick up Js9s8c4c
SB (Villain - $1000 stack) makes it $30, BB folds, I call ($950 stack), Button calls ($200 stack).

Flop ($95) 8s4s3d
Villain checks, I bet $75, Villain calls $75 out of turn before button acts, then Button shoves for $170 total, Villain thinks for about 30 seconds and then decides to call the $95 more, Hero?

Is this an easy raise or do I call and play turns in position against Villain in a protected pot?

I decided to raise pot which was to almost $700 leaving me roughly $220 behind.

Let me know your thoughts. I'm reasonably new to PLO so any input appreciated.


  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    edited February 2014
    i like it, although i would fold pre
  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    I think 4-handed, assuming you're decent postflop and there are fishy players in the hand, I don't mind calling preflop.

    So villain thinks for 30 seconds, do you have any reads on whether he's weak, or is actually considering raising to get the pot HU? You have top two and a flush draw, so you can think of it from the POV that you have blockers to 88xx and 44xx, and you also have a jack high flush draw that may or may not be good.

    In situations like this, especially with villain tank calling, I think we're probably either good right now vs. the button, and we have blockers to a probably flush draw, but our hand isn't a monster. I'd want to do a combo protection/value raise vs. villains weak looking (to me) tank call.

    So yeah... I like the raise... but I don't think I'd pot it... just a raise to 2/3rd pot is all you really need to do.
  • ScottyScotty Posts: 48Subscriber
    edited March 2014
    Clear re-raise on the flop.

    I dont like just calling because you have poor visibility on later streets. You are not sure what cards you want to see. We know we have enough equity to just get it in now so just get it in. We also have a good amount of fold equity when we raise and getting villain to fold is great for us since villain probably has more equity than he realizes vs our hand and will therefore make incorrect folds. Getting him to fold something like KQT4 with Q hi flush draw is a huge win for us because it is actually a slight favorite against our hand. This is a unique spot where the flop raise is a value/bluff/protection bet.
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  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    Scotty wrote:
    This is a unique spot where the flop raise is a value/bluff/protection bet.
    This type of "combo-bet" happens a lot more in PLO than in NLHE.

    A way to think about it is in PLO, you often have combo draws... and so it follows that you'll also have combo-bets

    It's also never a bad thing to cause villains to fail to realize their equity in PLO.
  • JPJP Posts: 56Member
    He ended up calling me and the turn completed the flush, I shoved he called and I scooped. No idea what he had but obviously not higher spades.
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