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10-20 Limit O8/Stud8 with kill

CTCT Posts: 62Subscriber
In limit poker is it ever profitable to raise with a low only ?
ex. I'm in position w/ lock low, , 3 players to river - 2 players have check to me on the river, pot is $200. Based on past play, these players will call without the lock low - if i bet $20 ..
1) I win the low outrigtht and profit
2) Get quartered and I lose $5 - assuming $200 pot vs $260 pot and my last $20 bet (quarter is $50 vs $65) or worse if low pot goes 3 ways..
3) 1 player folds and I still get Quarted .. I lose $10 on last bet

the win is potentially 1/2 the pot or a positive $ by a factor of 5X or more ... I may be applying some value bet thought that may not apply in Limit O/E


  • WackabrewWackabrew Posts: 400Subscriber
    I'm generally a Limit newb, but I believe its generally not correct to bet a low only hand, even if players will call with worse lows, specifically because of the risk of getting quartered and because you have no fold equity. This is comapred to PLO/8 where it may be profitable if you can fold out a marginal high hand with a large bet.

    anyone with better experience acn surely give you a much more well reasoned answer
  • UntreatableFPSUntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    If you're HU on the river (might be rare for smaller games?), usually you should bet if your opponent shows weakness, because a lot of the time you can bet him off a chop. Or sometimes, they'll call with a slightly worse low and your A high with your kicker will actually be good for high, and you scoop.

    Multi-way, like you were asking about, if it's 3 ways to the river, the answer is the safe answer to all poker questions: it depends :D

    If you bet and they both fold weak highs, then congrats, you just stole half the pot (Hey, it CAN happen)
    If you bet, and one player calls with a worse low and one player has a high, that's a win for you
    If both other players are going high, bet = win again

    If the nut low isn't A2 or A3, or in situations where the river counterfeited what was the nut low before, then it's way less likely that someone has the same low, because A2 and A3 are a lot more frequently played. So it's more of a bet. Sometimes, you'll get value from a worse low, and sometimes both of the other players will have high hands.

    With more commonly played lows like A2 or A3, it depends on the types of players who are in the hand, but it's still commonly a bet for value. Factors like pre-flop hand selection, whether they raise pre-flop with A2, etc. to gauge the likelihood of somebody else having the same low. Some players will play high only hands aggressively but be in check/call mode with their low draws. Some bet their low draws on earlier streets, others will check/call all the way down and bet out when it hits, others who are more passive will check/call and still check after it hits.
  • CTCT Posts: 62Subscriber
    thanks for reply - I took some heat at the table for my bet.. I beleive it was a value bet - that is going to sting sometimes but that against these 2 in this situation I am more likely to get a call w/ weaker hands

    in general - to me this is what value betting is - betting to get more $$ and occasionaly you get pwnd.. oh well

    these were not A2 A3 hands/boards - that is one of the factors why I bet it

    PS I'm used to getting critized by Tight/Weak .. i just tell 'em i like the gammbbboool
  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    edited February 2014
    After you've been playing O8 for a while, you can generally figure out, by the way the hand goes down, whether it's likely a spot where you are going to get quartered. It's villain dependent, and positionally dependent, based on the way they've played the hand.

    I'm not going to raise a naked low with people who have yet to act behind, because I want their crying overcalls with non-nut lows, I don't want to price them out and get it HU with the guy I'm chopping with.

    A spot where it can be profitable to raise with the naked low is it there is a bet and several calls in front of you, and if the nuts changed on the river (board pairs, flush hits, higher straight hits, whatever), so that opponents can credibly put you on a rivered high hand and call off with non nut lows.

    In general, though, I'd prefer to have some kind of high hand, even if it's just a pair, to raise for value. Unless I am just that sure, based on the above, I'm the only one with the nut low.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    If it's 4 players and we know we have a high chance they call river bet Nd we have nut low then is not always profitable to bet there?

    I have issues with 3 players when it comes to if I should bet or not.
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