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Site Tip #04 → Content filtering

AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 747Administrator
edited January 2014 in Site Tips
Each page on CrushLivePoker.com for videos, podcasts, and articles all have the featured content on the top of the page, and below it, a list of all of the content of that type. This list lets you see all of the videos, podcasts, and articles that are on the site.

By default, 10 items in the list are displayed per page; you can use the page numbers and arrows to navigate the pages of content in the list.

When you are viewing any piece of content on CrushLivePoker.com (videos, podcasts, and articles), you will see that it is tagged with various concepts that it embodies, such as "100bb" - "draws" - "pre flop"

If you click on one of these tags, the list of content will be instantly filtered to display only content that is also tagged with this concept:


You can clear the content filter by clicking on the black circle with an x on it next to the "Filter:" field. You can also type whatever filter text you want directly into the field if you should so choose.

This is a powerful way to dig through the plethora of content on the site, and find just what you're looking for.
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