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Calling for a chop, both Villian and Hero have re-draws...

CalgaryPokerGuyCalgaryPokerGuy Posts: 342Subscriber
We're starting to get some PLO games in the casino I play at so I decided to sit into a very splashy (borderline crazy) $5/5 game. It had been a while since I played live PLO so I decided to short-stack it and buy in for $300. My general strategy was to play a very tight hand range in position and pretty much flat my entire range pre-flop and on the flop. Not sure if this is a great strategy but there was plenty of betting and raising going on by a few crazy players so I felt like not blowing up pots until the turn seemed like a good idea. In any event, I built up to about $2800 when this hand happens:

Villian has me covered. Hero has AKJThhss on the button. Villain (a loose aggro Asian kid on a heater) raises it to $25, cut-off calls and I call [$80 pot]. Flop was KJ5r. Villian bets pot, cut-off folds and I call with top two and gutter [$240 pot] (you can discuss the merits of the flat call if you'd like, I feel like it may be bad but I'm not sure how bad). Turn is Td (brings back-door diamonds). Villian bets pot, I raise to $650. Villian re-raises to $2050. He see's I'm thinking of calling and turns over ATdd. Can you go over the math of deciding whether or not it is correct to call? And how my re-draw equity comes into play? Since he bet / 3-bet I wasn't positive which portion of his bet would count towards the pot for calculation purposes. Thanks!



  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    As posted , you do not have the nuts. I think there must be a mistake in the hand history somewhere. Was the turn card actually the Qd?
    Also, note the separate sub forum for Omaha at the top where these hands should be posted.
  • CalgaryPokerGuyCalgaryPokerGuy Posts: 342Subscriber
    Yes, sorry, the turn was definitely the Qd, we both had the nuts on the turn.

    I also posted under Omaha. Sorry, bit of a newb posting here... Thanks.

  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    Invented Villain's two other cards, but...

    40 trials (Exhaustive)
    board: Kdiamond Jspade 5heart Qdiamond
    Ah Ks Jh Ts 38.75% (3 wins, 25 ties)
    Ad Td Qh 5s 61.25% (12 wins, 25 ties)

    So it's definitely correct to call... even if it pots the turn, you're getting 2:1 and you have more than 33% equity in the hand. You also have redraws to scoop.

    Call and fold any diamond river that doesn't give you a boat [watch out of the straight flush] (and thank him for showing you his hand).
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    lol wow he gives up so much equity by showing his hand with $800 left to play for. easy call
  • ScottyScotty Posts: 48Subscriber
    Anytime someone bets or raises pot, you are getting exactly 2-1 on a call and therefore need 33% equity to break even.
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