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Episode 3 Limon

A discussion of Seat Open episode 3 "Limon" goes here


  • CucciaCuccia Posts: 5Member
    Loved the podcast, another great Limon interview.

    Just an idea, not even sure if Limon would be interested, but he should get an account here to post. With posting restricted to members it should be much less "toxic" than 2+2 has become as he mentioned in an earlier interview.
  • ChrisAChrisA Posts: 5Member
    Agree, though I haven't listened to the podcast yet - will listen on the flight out this morning. Limon is the best. He needs to be on here.
  • Great interview, even with Limon's dog in the background. +1 to everyone suggesting to get Limon on the board, here.
  • ACKACK Posts: 428Subscriber
    Limon is hilarious.

    I'd love to hear his live NL thought process though. Totally do a hands from a cash game with Limon for one of his sessions :)
  • DavidFerraraDavidFerrara Posts: 7Member
    This guy really makes these shows fun.

    More Limon and more Owais, please.

    The two of them doing LATB was pretty great, too.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Now I know why Limon has been so nice to me.. He wants me in his plo game.. lol... but he really IS a nice guy from what I can tell.. and even though I always decline to play with him as I would rather swim with the guppies in the 100-300 game, his insight is always so spot on...

    It would be great if he could post here as well..

  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    Limon always great except during commentary on LATB when he was more interested in busting chops. But all his interviews and tweets are solid gold.

    FWIW Bart you are allowed to edit the podcast to take out the dog chasing, but other than that great podcast !!!
  • This truly was the best episode I've listened to in a veeeery long time.
    You two make for amazing content. The insight given in this episode was really enlightening.
    Keep it up :-)
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