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ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
Took a couple of days off from poker then played last night in both a 5/5 300-1000 buy in game and won a little less than 200.. was bored because there was a good LAG at my table and I just wasnt getting anything so I decided to take my own advice and play with worse players at the 2-5 100-300 buy in game.

My image is strong and a winner. I had about two rounds ago made a double barrel on a low boared but gave up against Villain because he just seemed like he was going to call me with any pair. He had 10s to my AQ on a 9 high board. I had beaten this villain earlier when he slowplayed his middle set against my bottom set and I bet turn and river when I hit my quads. I went for gold on this board because I thought he either had flush or straight or nothing

j 5 7 5 9 the turn and river were both clubs and the 7 was a club.. So into a 75 pot I bet 65 he raised to 150 and I shoved he snapped I got lucky but I thought I played it well too.. He checked his set but I bet mine to disguise it (only 15 on turn) ..

So 2-5 game I have around 500.. v1 above has chipped up after I stacked him to about 600 and V2 is a short stack bad tight player..

UTG is a gal very bad player who loves to call with trouble hands and will go with it if she hits tp.. she limps.. I look down and see KQ spades and I iso to 25.. V1 calls me quickly and now the short stack thinks about calling but changes his mind and shoves for 91.. utg gal folds and I look at the ss and he wont look at me and keeps his head down looking low.. he doesnt seem too comfy. I decide that this is a tell and that he wants me to fold.. So I call thinking there is a good chance I can go heads up with what I think will be a flip. V1 calls almost instantly. He might have high cards like me or a pair too.. Flop is

6 2 8 two spades..

Well here goes nothing.. I bet 100 and V1 snap calls me .. So this is almost the exactly same action as earlier when he called me with the Tens. I think he has about the same type of pair. I am hoping for a spade or a K or Q otherwise I am in deep doo doo.. I have only about 300 left and my stack to pot ratio is a little less than 1 so if it bricks out and I shove I think V1 will call me with any overpair.. Do I shove or check fold? pretty sick.. but I think I would have to call..

but alas all is good in pokerland because the 10 spades hits the turn. Now... this is where I want to ask your opinion of my play. Given I think V1 has something like Tens maybe Jacks do I check or do I bet? Again I get a read that I think this guy will bet to "protect" and with my stack size I can check raise virtually any bet and he will be pot stuck.

I check .. He bets 150.. I check raise and he has to call 160 to win a pot of almost 1100.. he mumbles about me already having the flush and based on this I know he is drawing dead. Probably has Jacks so he is drawing dead.. but he calls thinking he has too and puts in the $ drawing dead.. V2 ss had 10s and turned a set and I sweat the river but no paired board and I win a monster pot in 2-5..

pretty happy about how I played this and my reads were right on. V1 was really mad saying he should have shoved pre, yada yada yada.. I think this is also a major difference between this game and the 5/5 and above.. In the bigger game I think I get three bet pre and can't get a chance to hit my flush whereas in this game they are always worried about getting trapped and allow themselves to get trapped.




  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    I dont really like your sizing on the flop. I think if you are gonna bet at all bet bigger. More like 200ish. I also feel like checking flop is better than betting since its a dead side pot right? I like going for a CRAI on these types of flops since you will always have good equity and thats the best way to get him off his hand without having to hit.

    As played turn check/jam is fine. Although i dont think there is any way to not get stacks in. I might lean towards betting the turn pretty small to avoid having to overbet/bet really close to pot on the river to get stacks in.
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