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JJs on Wet board with 100BB eff

beepbeepbeepbeep Posts: 28Member
2/4 game.
Hero in Seat 4 with a winning image. Stack 700. No meta games going on, no one's been particularly aggressive at the pot.

Hero in SB.
4 limpers to Hero, Hero picks up JclubJdiamond in SB.
Hero makes it 25. All calls.

V1 - decent reg, stack 350
V2 - passive, stack 300
V3 - loosey goosey, stack 400
V4 - decent reg, stack 850, not overly aggressive

Flop (125) - 4heart 5diamond 7heart

What's Hero's move ?


  • MarkPfeifferMarkPfeiffer Posts: 11Member
    I would bet 80-90 looking to get called by draws and weak pairs. If I got raised my action would depend on the villain who raised but I could lay it down unless it came from someone who I thought was raising draws.
  • ArenzanoArenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    I think the PF raise is too small but that's just me. I like continuing with a bet of 85.
  • beepbeepbeepbeep Posts: 28Member
    Thanks for the replies. Seems standard so far.

    Hero bets 80. All folds, V4 calls.
    Like I said, V4 is decent but not overly aggressive, so he has no bigger pairs, sets, or 2pairs in his range when he just flats.

    Turn card is 3club

    Board is now 3club 4heart 5diamond 7heart pot 285
    Hero has 590 behind, V4 has 740

    1. Hero?

    2. How does this change if Hero started with only the max buyin of 100BB, thus having only 290 behind on the turn and the pot was 285
  • beepbeepbeepbeep Posts: 28Member
    Brudre21 said

    I think the PF raise is too small but that's just me. I like continuing with a bet of 85.
    Budre, what would your pf sizing be and are you raising to discourage the other limpers from over calling ? 25 was at the top of raise sizes on the table, any bigger and I'd be turning my hand face up, I was thinking Jacks had enough equity I didn't want to lose any callers, esp V3
  • ArenzanoArenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    Beepbeep - in my opinion, your hand JJ plays well multiway or against one other villain. With 4 limpers @4 per limp, I'm going size my raise to try and guarantee 1 or mabe 2 callers. So I think PF I raise to 32, which isn't too much bigger than what you made it. Of course I don't know your table dynamics. Once one person calls it will dominoe. I wouldn't worry too much about turning your hand face up with your raise. The villains will automatically assign your holding as an overpair, AK,AQ etc.

    OTT, I would bet in the area of 150-175.
  • PokerIsFrustratingPokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
    Raising over limpers is tricky because if the first guy calls you tend to get everyone calling, but if you raise too big everyone might fold.

    There is a big difference between JJ and AA/KK IMO here in that with JJ it is much more likely that an overcard flops. The flops you like are also much more likely to be connected, because there are fewer undercards. So the more people in, especially OOP, the fewer flops you're going to like and the more difficulty you'll have OOP. So OOP I'm probably going to err on raising a little bigger.

    As played it's tough, but you could make a bet/fold for about half to 2/3 to get called by flush draws. The problem with check/calling is that you give flush draws (which can have a ton of equity), you're getting valuetowned by straights, and if the guy has a hand like 88 is he really going to bet if checked by fold if you bet?

    Vs an aggro player you can't really bet turn unless you're betting to call off b/c your range is capped and he'll know he can bluff raise you.
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