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HPT poker cruise

ChristopherSigmanChristopherSigman Posts: 1,147Subscriber

I'm going to be on the Heartland Poker Tour cruise in later January. This will be the biggest buy-in tourney I've ever played ($1000+$100) and I'm a little nervous, even though I think it will play much like a $100 buy-in in terms of skill, but with a slightly slower structure. I play relatively few tourneys (mostly cash games), but it looked fun, and my wife and I get to go together, so it's part vacation/part poker adventure.

I have some non-poker strategy questions:

1) There are two starting days. I was considering playing on 1B, thinking that anyone playing loose and fast would be playing on 1A, and there would be fewer people taking big chances/risky bluffs etc. on day 1B. Is this correct? Am I over-thinking?

2) Satellites. Do I play them? There will be single table qualifiers at $250 per person, placing the top two finishers in the main (with $60 and $85 single tables to get into those!), as well as a couple of $250 mega satellites, where the top 20% advance to the main. I have no experience with satellites. Worth it? Do I stab once? Twice? Many times? Mega or single tables better value? If you win more than one seat, you don't get cash, you have to sell the seat to someone else (seats are transferable).

3) Cash games. I figured I would play these. Since I have no experience playing satellites, will it be better to try and pay for my tourney entry with cash game profits?

Thanks for any advice.
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