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Stupid theoretical question about bluffing

TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
What do you think is more profitable:
a. to have call happy image so people never try to bluff you
b. to have them try to bluff you occasionally and be able to pick off some of those bluffs?

c. Stop asking stupid questions and go play some poker is a valid answer too. laugh


  • SteveSteve Posts: 149Subscriber
    Well, the way you get a "call happy image" is usually by being call happy, so I'm gonna have to say 'b'.

    Final answer.
  • ChristopherSigmanChristopherSigman Posts: 1,147Subscriber
    I'm gonna have to go with A) call-happy image. I don't want opponents to try fancy plays against me in a session. I want them to continue to play loose-passive against me, so that when they bet, I know I can safely fold my lighter to medium holdings. This especially helps me when I'm out of position with a weak but better than A-high holding, like 66 on an AT3 two-suit board, turn 5, river 9 board. I want my opponent to check back the river and "give up" because he knows he can't "bluff me off my hand" and win vs. his double-barrel flush or straight draw, rather than he empties the clip and puts me in a position to possibly fold the best hand.

    Also, it only takes one loose call to create a "call happy" image.

    A) final answer.

  • My biggest sessions are when a lot of peoples have tried to bluff me.

    Its hard to run hot and cooler everyone, if you can get someone to spazz a stack or 2 to you, you should welcome it. Against decent hand readers, you get more value from bluff catching marginal hands, then you get from swinging for the fence with big hands.

    When you know hes going to bluff, and you're ready to snap him off. Leave you ego at home and take a little bit more time to call.. to not discourage him from bluffing. You want them to continue!
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    depends what games you play in

    in general you're always going to be exploiting your opponent's mistakes, so you want to push them even further in that direction. so for example at low stakes people don't bluff nearly enough so i'd prefer the call-happy image since i never plan on hero calling anyway.
  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    I think you can call a lot anyways in live poker since the bet sizing is usually atrocious and super small. I wouldnt wanna stop people from running bluffs at me though because generally when they do it is either a bad spot for it or their "story" doesnt make sense anyways.

    The thing with establishing a call happy image is when you start folding because they arent bluffing you that image goes out the window. But when you do have that call happy image you gotta value bet thinner. If you call often enough at the river in close spots and have shown down some weak hands (in ops eyes) they will just think you are bad and be calling your big river bets a lot. In a session the other day i called down with A9 on AJ84J when fd got there on river on 3 streets (Very bluffy villian, spaz, if you beat him with a shitty hand he will tilt and lost 10bis) A couple hands later i was called down by AQ on KTxxx for pot on flop and turn and 2x pot on river because "only a fish would call down with A 9 kicker!"

    The most profitable way to play is to know how each villian sees you. Some may see you as a station while others at the table see you as one of the better regs. Know who will do what with what range is much better than trying to set up your image.
  • PokerIsFrustratingPokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
    IMO if you let villains know they can bluff you, it can put you in a ton of tough spots.

    Usually we're able to make money by making bet/folds in good spots with medium strength hands. It's pretty hard to flop very big. Most villains can't fold 1 pair. So if they think you have AK, and the flop is AT9 they're not going to try to bluff you off of AK.

    If you let them know you're willing to fold good hands (a good example is folding a strong hand face up), even if they occasionally make a weird play in a big pot it's a disaster.

    The only way you "figure out" they're starting to bluff you is make a hero call or happen to call with a huge hand. How many pots might you lose to 8 other players before you realize you now have a bluffy image and pick up one or two bluff bets.

    Just my .02. Guys will still try to make weird bluffs because they don't know when they're polarized or when their line makes no sense. What I don't want is a guy going for a random airball bluff, or deciding to either bluff a busted draw or suddenly decide to rep a draw and raise because he saw me fold a big hand earlier in the session.
  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    ^^ Pretty good advice. I do this by accident. Its prob from all the online hands i have played but for the most part i know what im going to do if villian calls/raises/shoves so there isnt much thinking in most spots after they react to my action. I lie about my hand strength all the time. Everytime i bet/fold i just make up some random hand that i had usually it makes no sense but ppl have no idea anyways. Just the other day i bet all 3 streets with KQcc on JT9cc and got guy called all the way then folded on river. i kinda quickly flashed that i had clubs and said i missed a draw. Then like 1 orbit later same guy called down with mid pair when i flopped a set on a fd board and snapped off the river when it missed. Just see who you can abuse and do it all the time.
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