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pocket AA and not following through with live read....

nahcretepnahcretep Posts: 108Subscriber
2/3 game
villain just sat down to my left couple orbits ago, bad player, was complaining not calling a 3 bet with 56 pre flop, when he saw he would of made trips.
won couple small pots with pretty bad hands. hero has good image

2 limpers, hero ($300) mid position raise to $15 AA, villain ($150 ish) thought for a bit, 10 seconds? and calls. 1 limper calls.

flop - ($50) 556 rainbow. limper checks, I bet $25. LIVE READ. villain leans forward, like really, I have never seen anyone lean so obviously before calls...
turn - ($100) 5565. at this point villain leans back to original position. my half decent poker mind is telling me to bet. my spidey sense told me to check.
I check. villain bets $15......my spidey sense tells me to just call..but I raise to $45, villain ships, and I convince my self he could have an over pair and calls.
villain tables a 5.

1. with live read such as this, whats a good play on the turn? bet/fold ? or just call down....
2. without live read say against random player, is it still a bet fold. I think I would continue to bet small to get call by mid pocket pairs, and might call off if I think villain can raise with 10's/J's/Q's


  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    No one playing these levels will ever fold a full house here. Just bet so you can get stacks in by the river. you can expect to be called down by almost any FH and even A high some non 0% of the time.

    I dont think you can ever justify folding here unless he shows you quads.
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