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Crush Live Tournaments Video No. 82: Jonathan Little Reviews Key Hands From A $600 Tournament Pt. 3

Jonathan Little Reviews Key Hands From A $600 Buy-in Tournament - Part 3

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  • SevenBelowSevenBelow Posts: 5Subscriber
    On hand two when we make the flush and bet small of the river. (A K 7 9 4 board) I do think we may occasionally get a curious call from a big stack with Kx. Maybe they call the turn cause they have second pair and picked up the FD and then decided they are getting a great price. Even if they call us with the King a small percent of the time it does add up. Thoughts?
  • Curious calls certainly add up. Really though, you need to take each potential bet size and multiply it by the percentage of the time you expect to get called. For example, if you think a 1,000 bet will get called 10% of the time but a 100 bet will get called 85% of the time, the 1,000 bet is better because 1,000 X .1 = 100 while 100 x .85 = 85.
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