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5/10 w/$25 button straddle

5/10 $25 button straddle

LJ is a young Asian male, about 6 months away form being a doctor. Very solid player, playing appropriate ranges. Always in for Max, always matching biggest stack. Not afraid to play big pots or call light.

HJ is a player that hero has minimal experience with. White male between 27-35, seems comfortable playing 200-300 bb+stacks. Only played with him 1 other time, but I knows he has a lot of online experience.

Hero is button with A4hh, about $5550. Effective stack is $3000

9 handed,
1 MP limp $25
LJ makes it $125 (5k)
HJ calls $125(3k)
Hero raises $475
MP folds
LJ folds
HJ flats

Thoughts on this raise? How often flat vs raise?

Flop ($1100)
HJ checks
Hero bets $400
HJ calls

Thoughts on bet and bet sizing?

Turn ($1900)

HJ checks
Action on hero. HJ 2k behind. Bet small, check, shove?


  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 318Subscriber
    Preflop: I would just 3! or fold in this situation. 75% 3!. If the LJ is described I'd lean towards 3!

    Flop: Sizing is fine. If there's no heart, checking is ok.

    Turn: Flop shouldn't fold out much since the V is going to have a tight range. I think most A-high hands stick around and pocket pairs. However, I think a check is better since the 6 is a card that isn't going to scare V off an overpair and we still have a gutshot. Probably going to have to look to bluff the river depending on what comes out.
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