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Becoming a better player. First Steps.

I’m turning to CLP to start my process of becoming a better Poker player. A friend recommended I start with fast track(did half of it a year ago) and a lot of the information on here.

Quick synopsis of where I’m at.

Casual player who has enjoyed home games since the age of 12/13. I started playing live 1/2 2 years ago(SE Florida) and have had maybe 4/12 winning sessions. I don’t count high hand bonuses as a win as far as playing poker just luck that balanced some losses.

I started playing online 2 weeks ago and have lost quite a few hundred(-847) dollars, hurts to admit but self evaluation and honesty is where growth comes from. I was tilted and trying to force hands to cover losses and multiplied my losses. Need to acknowledge it to get better instead of blaming bad beats or coolers. 1/3-1/4 can probs be attributed to coolers/beats.

I invested in PT4 for and CLP subscription to become a better player and truly do love the game. I don’t expect to get rich playing poker but would love to be a profitable player and find poker to be so much fun.

I have a career so the loss hurts but it wasn’t money that was for bills. I am looking to start my journey the right way. My goal is the become a profitable player. The money I lost is gone and was an expensive lesson but I am very motivated to learn and grow.

I’m looking for help with establishing goals to start playing better and learning.



  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 218Subscriber

    Welcome to the forums! You've made a solid first step already, just posting.

    There are some good people here who will give you advice and support. It can feel like tough love at times when you post a hand and from the responses it looks like you've played it all wrong. But once you get over that, you realise that this is exactly what you need. We are in this together helping each other grow as poker players.

    So I'd say start putting some key hands up straight away. Hands where you're not sure if you took the right lines. And when you post them it's best to hold back your final decision and the outcome. This generates more and better engagement in my experience.

    In terms of goals, I would say aim for a TIME based one first and foremost. That could look like: I will set aside X amount of hours to live play, X amount to online play and X amount to study PER WEEK. And make this realistic and achievable taking into account everything else you've got going on in your life.

    I would recommend certainly keeping some online play in the mix. I play a few hours of 25NL each week. This isn't for profit so much, more to stay sharp and hone strategies. The playing pool at these stakes (at least on Pokerstars) are playing at a skill level equivalent to 1/2, bordering on 2/5 level Live. I play 6 Max, 2 tables at a time. This allows me time to reflect on decisions in-game, replaying hands etc.

    When you play Live, favour a tight aggressive approach to start with. Play only in position as much as you can and be disciplined to play a tight range. But don't forget the AGGRESSIVE part! Assert yourself with your play. Go to flops with the betting lead often. Once there, think in terms of RANGES. Who is the board better for? And play accordingly.

    I've been with CLP for quite a while and feel like I am a much better player for it. I am sure you will feel the same way if you put in the TIME.

    Best of luck mate!

  • FlonomynalFlonomynal Posts: 3Member

    Appreciate the response thank you. Had a pretty good weekend online and have a few hands to review on here and the disc.

  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,252Subscriber
    The stakes online are WAY different than live, owing to the much tougher competetion. NL25 is a BB of 25 cents, usually $25 max BI. That is plenty tough; in fact, I'd start at NL10 until you're comfortable online. If you started higher, like NL100, thinking it'd be the same, no wonder you're getting lit up.
  • N8Ball02N8Ball02 Posts: 78Member

    Nice to hear from you, glad you chose CLP, it has some great knowledge, especially with live play. As others have stated, Online is a different animal altogether. Especially cash games. Some online tournaments can be very soft but it is very different on cash tables. For example I play $2/$5 and $5/$10 live, would play all $5/$10 but my area on weekdays sometimes $2/$5 is the biggest game going. Online I play $.25/$.50 if I'm multi tabling with 6+ tables. I play $.50/$1.00 for 4 tables and $1/$2 if I'm playing 2 tables. I would say if I had to guess is that online is 10× the game size as live. (In terms of player strength not $$ obviously). So if you play $2/$5 live, $.25/$.50 is the equivalent online. I think this is due to multi tabling so you have high stakes players playing $1/$2 tables.

    If your going to play online you have to buy a hud. It is a must. It might feel like cheating or some shit until you realize that 90% of online players have HUDs and that might be low. Drive Hud is good and a cheaper price point. I get all the info I need from it and customer service is on point. Plus you can buy the combo pack and get leak buster to show where your bleeding money.

    Studying is a must to play poker in today's game. CLP is a great 1st step, but it takes a couple of hours dedicated to study everyday. Don't be afraid to post hands and hear feedback and don't take the feedback as insults. Hope it all works for you.

  • FlonomynalFlonomynal Posts: 3Member
    edited December 2020

    Thanks guys. I have PT4 as far as a HUD goes and have been playing on Ignition. I won’t be playing live again for at least a few months. This month over 3000 hands at 25NL I’m up roughly 11~ buy ins. It was 16 but last night I lost 5 from a mix of tilt and bad run outs. I might drop down to 10NL to continue to work on my game since I’ve built up a nice little bankroll for online to start out with from 25NL this month. I picked up the book “The Mental Game of Poker” as well. I’ve posted some hands in disc and have another study group also.

    One thing I’ve noticed is I’ve done a lot more playing than studying and it should probably be the other way around right now. I’ve been diving into the fast track series and watching videos as well.

  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 218Subscriber

    Glad it's going well!

    Keep it up and keep us posted.

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