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plo hand - Bad river Bluff?

wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 438Subscriber

I have AhKc7h5h in late position. I called a $15 straddle. 5 people in the hand. I have $500 behind me. Flop is Jh2c8s. It gets checked through. Turn is a 6h which gives me an open ender and nut flush draw. Checked to me again and I bet 2/3 pot ($60). Guy behind me snap calls and everyone else folds. River is Jc. I bet $100 as a bluff. I figure hes on a draw and its going to be hard for him to call here. He tanks forever and calls and shows me a pr of kings with the king high flush draw. Question is: Is this a good bluff? Should I have bluffed more? I'm thinking maybe I shouldve bluffed more and it wouldve worked. 

What should I do on the river?
  1. What should I do on the river?0 votes
    1. Bet Bigger
    2. Check and give up
    3. You played it perfect


  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 805Subscriber
    I think your line preflop, flop, and turn is fine. You could pot the turn, but I don't think it makes that big of a difference since no one seems interested so far.

    On the river, I think this spot is highly dependent on (1) your image and (2) the caller's tendencies. In particular, how well can he read hands? If he is a fit or fold type, a bluff here often gets through. If he is a savvy hand reader, then he may surmise that the 6h OTT is unlikely to make you many strong hands that will fire again on the river except for maybe 66xx or J6xx. This is where your image matters - would he expect you to often bet a flopped two pair or a flopped set. If so, then it is hard for you to improve OTR without those hands in your range. Similarly, would he expect you to vbet a AJxx on the river? Most PLO players are not capable of vbetting this thin. Meanwhile, a savvy hand reader will understand that the 6h brings in lots of straight and flush draw options OTT that then brick out on the river.
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