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1-2-5 PLO - Wrap and Flush Draw

New table. Hero ($780) has minimal image so far, perhaps tight.

SB ($730) - Hero has played with him before. He is fairly loose, but not that aggressive.

BTN (covers) - She came over from a NLHE table with Hero before PLO opened. She was often in the action and played aggressive. Not sure if she plays PLO the same but did say she preferred PLO to NLHE.

Preflop - EP, MP limp. Hero limps 8h8c6h5s in the CO. BTN, SB limp. BB make it $30. All call. 6-way action.

Flop ($180) - Th 7h 4s. Four checks to Hero. Do we like a bet here? Hero bets $150. BTN calls. SB ships for $700. Folds back to Hero who has $600 left and BTN covers. Hero?

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