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5 5 10 plo turn spot

JKHJKH Posts: 845Subscriber, Professional

game is a 5 5 10 private game. Players are relatively loose and splashy.

v1= wealthy 50 year old Rec player up over 5k ($12,000 ) stack playing moderately active

v2 = 35 year old nl pro, fairly aggressive , competent Omaha player stuck around $5000 aggression and lag tendancies balloon when stuck ..stack ($5000)

hero : Solid winning image has ($3500) in front of him down about $500

Hand starts with v1 limping 1 off button , non relevant button calls, non relevant sb calls, hero in bb calls with Q 2 Q 2 , V2 raises to $60 everyone calls. 5 ways to flop

flop: $(300) 2 j 5 ...Check , Hero leads $200 V2 calls & V1 calls button and small blind fold

Turn: t $(900) hero checks , V2 checks, V1 thinks for a bit and bets $700 ....hero???

I truly appreciate all comments



  • floaterfloater Posts: 69Subscriber

    I’m new to PLO so bear with me. I’m putting him on KQJ+ KQT+ JT+ with diamonds, in other words mostly draws. I don’t think he has JJ or 55 as he’d raise your flop bet but could be waiting for turn card before bloating pot and be vulnerable to flush draw. I’m raising in this position to get more $ in and make it heads up.

    since I’m new to PLO, take this with a grain of salt. Eager to hear others.

  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 805Subscriber
    edited November 2020
    Preflop is standard. I like the lead on the flop as I think it helps to better define the hand. You don't want to check and risk it getting checked through. And, I prefer not to c/r bottom set this deep out of position.

    Turn - I think the T is a tricky card on the turn. You figure to often have the best hand here since you didn't get raised on the flop. So, I am tempted to lead here. However, the issue is that you will be OOP on the river if called with a 3/4-full potsized bet left. There are not a lot of river cards that you will like OOP especially if 3-way.

    So, I do like your check here. If it checks through, it keeps the pot size down for you to more easily x/c some rivers. If V2 bets and V1 calls, then you are in a tough spot because someone likely has your FD covered. So, you'd need to make a read as to whether your set is good. I'd probably go with it, but not love it.

    As played, I think you pot (basically ship) over V1's bet. V2 is very unlikely to have your set beat with his line. V1 could have a better set, but is very unlikely to also have your FD covered unless you got coolered by something like A55dd. Since the J and 5 are both diamonds on the board, it make it less likely for him to have a better set and a better FD. V1 could easily have made something like top two plus or a big combo draw around the JT that he is betting and you want to charge him while alleviating the need to make a tough river decision. Potting should also push out V2 and his equity a lot of the time.

    You have a classic PLO hand that plays great heads up but gets dicey multiway.

  • JKHJKH Posts: 845Subscriber, Professional

    I like the analysis —thanks... yes I should of shipped it in on the turn.....but it worked out.

    V1 bet ...I called V2 folded and river was an 8 and went check check V1 had 2 pair and king high flush draw.

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