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CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 843Administrator
This week Kelby tests out a new hybrid format between a play & explain and a hand review. The result is a new shotgun format that packs 24 hands into the review time for a more streamlined experience.



  • SFGiantsSFGiants Posts: 565Subscriber
    edited November 2020
    Hi @KSM

    Thank you for yet another video with some great content. However, I must disagree with your AA hand on A99 rainbow 3-bet pre-flop. The decision to check or bet small is fine, but if villain raises the flop, you really should be doing nothing but calling in the off chance villain is bluffing to represent the A. Putting in the 3-bet on the flop is overplaying your hand and allowing villain to fold out their air. If villain has an AK/AQ/9x hand, the money will naturally get in anyways. The board is dry with no flush draws, so play it like you have a scared KK, QQ or JJ.

    If your stack sizes are significantly deeper, then we can debate the merits of re-raising the flop in order to make sure all the money gets in, but in this particular case the money isn’t deep enough. Even if the turn goes check-check, you can just jam the river which ends up being less than 1/2 pot (although, I could definitely see an argument to check the river again to give him the final rope to hang himself).
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