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Please help me stop sports betting!

Hey fellas!

I'm wondering if anyone has experience of sports betting addiction?

I'm kind of in a fix with it myself and could use some advice if anyone can help.

I'm a family guy in his mid-forties who has always liked a punt. The last few years though it's escalated to the point that I feel out of control.

My wife knows I bet on sports and I'm quite open with her about the wins and losses. She's incredibly supportive both with this and my poker. What she doesn't know is that it's gone from a bit of fun to a full on addiction which we can't afford.

I'm probably losing an average of £200-£300 a week at the moment, which might not sound much but all things are relative. On top of the money losses there is the time that I invest in it. I'd say I probably spend about 10 hours a week studying form and putting bets together. When I think about what I could be achieving with my poker if I devoted this time and money to this instead, it makes me shudder.

Up until last year I was working in casinos as my career and feel that I should know better than to unravel like this. So there is a degree of self loathing going on too.

I hope no-one takes offense that I'm using the forum this way. Any advice to help me beat this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you




  • JKHJKH Posts: 845Subscriber, Professional

    Go to gamblers anyonymous....stop all sports betting maybe stop poker

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