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Bet/fold the turn or check fold?

drew5harkdrew5hark Posts: 580Subscriber
Hero has a tight image, BTN is loose preflop but when lots of $ goes in he usually has a big hand, I've seen him slowplay and even check riase the river with a full house on a flush board on 2 occasions this session. The SB is a loose gambly type that will overplay his hands.

2/3 NL
Hero ($550)
BUTTON -covers
SB ($~135)

Hero raises UTG with TspadeTclubto $10, MP calls BTN calls, SB calls
FLOP (POT ~$40) 9diamond2diamond2heartHero leads for $26, button calls, SB shoves for $128, Hero calls, Button calls.
TURN (POT ~$430) 4spadeHero?

The button's flat call is very strong here IMO, I don't think he has any 9's in his range but I don't want him to draw if he has say the NF and SB is shoving a nine. What is the best play here against a somewhat competent player? Is check folding ok in this spot?


  • GL2UALLGL2UALL Posts: 22Member
    Lead for $180 and you can safely fold to a turn shove from button. He is never bluffing into a dry side pot with the other player all in. Also, if you check you could convince him his 9 is good and end up folding best hand a lot. I'm not convinced he doesn't have a 9. He has a lot of draws here I think to and if you lead you look super strong he will never bluff raise. Tough decision on river if he just flats your turn bet. Either XF or XC river depending on his what you think he does with missed draws.
  • drew5harkdrew5hark Posts: 580Subscriber
    I'm not trying to be results oriented but I he hadn't been the type to chase in big pots and I thought he had a very strong hand. I bet $140 and he mumbled that "that card didn't change anything" and shoved, obviously a very strong action with the speech and raise. I folded and he showed 32s and scooped the pot. If there are draws in his range I know that I must bet but my hand is face up on the turn and I can't believe check folding is that bad
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