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getting back on the saddle to finish off 2020 & prepare for 2021 Poker Journey

ItstrainermiltItstrainermilt Posts: 6Member
edited October 31 in Poker Goals and Challenges

My name is Milton @Itstrainermilt on all social media. I own my own business & poker is an aggressive hobby. It has been for almost 20 years on & off. I played full time from 2007-2011 in Atlantic City. After my divorce, it was my hideaway. I did take a layoff from 2011-2015 did not play at all as I had launched a business and returned the business world. I did not feel I would be able to manage the swings of poker & getting a new business off the ground simultaneously, so I took a break.

The Atlantic City days: Started at 1,2 and stayed there for about 17 months. Rarely taking shots as my sole mission was to build my BR. After I had hit my number started playing 2,5 & 5, 10 (very little but occasionally took shots when I was having a better month) in after about 17 months of playing. Back then I never tracked my game. So I really didn't know what my win rate was. I can make good assumptions but my volume week to week was all over the place. It was a purely monthly target. The target moved as I made more. I did have "BR" rules & still have them today. Back then my income rules were 50% was my pay 50% was put to pad my BR.

Fast forward: Moved to Virginia in 2015. Started playing home games & went to casinos sparingly. Didn't really care about how much I won. I've always had a poker envelop. I think in 20 years it's been empty twice. I simply wanted to start playing again. I had launched another business which I have today. From 2015 to 2018 I played albeit all over the place, however, I did start to track my winnings & working on my game.

From July 2018 to present (October 2020): Due to Covid & getting engaged 2020 has been rough in logging in my hours. I did re-read a lot of my old poker books & watched a good amount of training material. However, things look better & prepping to finish off the year well. And prepare for 2021, as the reason for this post.

Stats: July 2018-Dec 2019 532 hours Winnings $13,688.. 2020 102 hours Winnings $3166 (I did notice a change after Covid in the game. Playing 7 handed was definitely a small adjustment).

*Target is to get about 100 more hours until the end of the year.

*I generally play once a week for 7-11 hours. Next year my weekly target is 17 hours per week.

The purpose for this post is to share the journey back to my A.C. days, to improve my game, make friends, build a poker circle (back in the A.C. Days I had a small group), that we can hopefully improve each other's game, possibly travel, & of course make some money while having a great time enjoying the game. Feel free to reach out and post comments. Will start posting sessions on next visit to start navigating & getting into the habit of posting regularly.

I chose here to post as I am a CLP subscriber, listen to Bart often, and watch almost all of Ki's videos (to which I feel He does an excellent job breaking things down to which I can apply to my game). I also read a poker book a month to continue working on my game. Will be posting the read every month.

Thanks for reading.



2021 Targets 😁
800+ hours live
10+ Poker tourneys
Win $50k plus at 1,3 & 2,5

The majority of hours will be logged on at MGM National Harbor & some at Maryland Live. I prefer the tournament structures at Maryland Live, so the majority of tournaments will be a Live.

BR Rules & Win rate targets 🎯
BR-0-$10k...buy in-$300 target 🎯 win rate-$40+
BR-10k-$20k...buy in-$500 target 🎯 win rate-$50+

2,5 $50+
BI-BR-$20k-$30k...buy in-$500 🎯 win rate-$55+
BI-BR-$30k-$50k...buy in $1k 🎯 win rate-$70+

*generally always go for my session with 3 bullets for the day.

50% BR
50% use for experiences & travel


  • ItstrainermiltItstrainermilt Posts: 6Member
    edited October 31
  • jamedjamed Posts: 8Subscriber
    Good luck! cant wait for some updates!
    Thanked by 1Itstrainermilt
  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 205Subscriber

    I love your term 'aggressive hobby' @Itstrainermilt ! I too am pursuing poker in that fashion. Fortunately I am now in a position where I can dedicate more time than ever to it. I quit my job last year after setting up a little hair salon business with my wife. Apart from when we're under lockdown (like now 😕) it's gone pretty well. I take my 6 year old daughter to school in the mornings and my 17 year old son picks her up in the afternoons. I literally have no excuses (well apart from the casinos being closed for now).

    I'll share my goals with you. I'm currently playing £1/£2 NLHE off a £10k bankroll. I am aiming to grow this to £50k by the end of next year. I can already feel my fellow CLP subs laughing their tits off, particularly when they consider some of the hands I've put out on the forums lately! But hey, why not aim high? 10BB or £20 per hour, playing on average 40 hours a week. It's doable right?

    GL mate and keep us posted!

  • ItstrainermiltItstrainermilt Posts: 6Member

    *Session logged in* 11/1/20 Time-9:05am-1:05pm 4 hours Grade-C+ Result- +$389

  • jamedjamed Posts: 8Subscriber
    *Session logged in* 11/1/20 Time-9:05am-1:05pm 4 hours Grade-C+ Result- +$389

    nice! good start.
  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 205Subscriber

    Why only C+?

  • ItstrainermiltItstrainermilt Posts: 6Member
    edited November 11

    Left 2 much money out there. Didn’t play favorable spots great. I didn’t value bet later streets good enough. Definitely missed 2 or 3 spots on the river (which is super key easily $80-120 bucks) where I have to bet, yes it was thin but it was best to do so. I got stubborn with 77 in the SB & it cost me $100. In general I played safe on later streets, turn & river, so that’s why. I did control the hands well but did not extract well enough. Just those 3 spots makes a big difference.

  • ItstrainermiltItstrainermilt Posts: 6Member
    edited November 12

    *Session* 9:30a-4:30p Result -$85 Grade B-

    Never had a hand all day. Was down almost $400. No big hands or loses. Just got chipped down or squeezed out of pots. Chipped up to make it a small loss. A bit frustrating since this was the best table I've been on in months. Great action. Loose play but going into a gun fight with rags is well...not well advised. Grade was B- because I was pretty card dead & didn't force action. Stayed patient & on a table that was flipping for $200 bucks essentially almost every hour, I managed to jab & win small pots to chip back. Until I journal my session see where I can find spots I missed or where I could of done something different during my session, won't really know how I feel. Even though right now today felt like a win.

    A lot of baby pairs & no sets to make them sexy. Biggest pair was JJ, had AK twice, AQ once (which won a good pot).

    Folded to Hero on the BTN with AhQs ($358) raises to $12. SB ($280) calls BB (covers like 650) calls

    Flop Qh Th Qd SB check BB check Hero bets $20...SB check raises to $40 BB folds. Hero calls.

    Turn 7c...SB bets $90 Hero shoves SB calls..

    River 2d

    SB shows Q6o We win :-)

    Nothing else exciting from my seat. I folded a ton. Pre, flop, turn lol & players showed their hands often so they were good folds. Till next week.

  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 205Subscriber

    Sounds like you're being a bit harsh on yourself with the B- grading Milton! When you sit down in a good game like this and show the discipline to ditch the rags time and time again. Not only that but go in the hole for a buy-in or so and chip up again patiently and in the end leave the game accepting your small loss without any fuss. That's character. So I'm upgrading you to an A!

    Thanked by 1Itstrainermilt
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