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Slow rolling

$2/$5 $1000 cap. We are $1250 effective.

This table is very loose and you can get 5 or 6 callers preflop on a $20 open.

So I'm UTG with A♤A◇. I raise to $15 (to set up a 3 bet) and +1 calls, LJ Calls, HJ calls, CO calls, Button 3 bets to $40. SB calls. I 4 bet to $175. Folds to Button who calls and SB calls.

Flop: ($565 after rake). A♡ 9♧ 3◇.

SB donks $150 into the pot. I raise to $325. Button goes into the tank for a minute or so and folds. SB calls.

Turn ($1215 pot)- J♤. SB bets $800. (I have $725 remaining). Obviously I call with the nuts.

River is J♡. He says "Well you gonna show me a winner." I said well I got the dodus. And show the rockets and he gets upset looking and says "I just can't believe it." And starts shaking his head and looking back to his hand and starts to make a muck like motion, at which point the dealer starts shoving the chips my way. Once the entire pot is shoved my way the dealer says "Sir I need your chips and the cards back." To which he replies "You can have my cards but my chips are staying right here." And tables J◇J♧.

At that point I realized how so many people got shot and killed during card games back in the wild wild west days. I have no problems losing a hand. Telling the other guy nice hand or well played or something and moving on. (Even if they played like shit.) But slow rolling a show down for like 90 seconds to 2 minutes while acting like you just got destroyed is about one of the most scumbag things a guy can do.

As I'm sitting there with visions of the wild west and a six shooter, he then wants to tell me about all my poor plays and how they cost me $1200. He 1st starts with, well ya should of opened bigger and this wouldn't happen. Then he tells me that if I would have raised properly on the flop, he would have folded but I basically min raised.

I'm not saying I played this 100% perfect but what this dude fails to realize is that I have the absolute nuts with no draws, I want his $ in there. I would do it again. Not too many runner runner the exact 2 cards he needs.

Anyway what do you guys think about this slow roll? I don't think there is anything anyone can do but it was very BS in my opinion.


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 565Subscriber
    edited October 29
    Probably belongs in low content. My opinion, the slow rolling guy is a douche. But he is a douche who plays poorly. Douche factor and poor play are closely correlated, so that’s what you have to live with when you play poker.

    If you want to get into strategy, I don’t understand why on earth you raised the flop with top set on a bone dry board and 2 more streets to get in the rest of the money. Do you want JJ to fold the flop as he should have? Don’t you want button to call on the flop with KK/QQ and forfeit a chance for him to peel to see a K or Q?
    Thanked by 1N8Ball02
  • N8Ball02N8Ball02 Posts: 68Member


    Your dead right. There is no reason for me to raise the flop other than that is what I would do if I had just about any other hand. I try to play consistently so if I raise this board with blanks I have to raise it with the nuts when another player donk bets into me. Basically if you try to steal my action, I try to raise to get it back, not 100% of the time but anytime I have draws or a solid pair or something I want to see all the streets with.

    But I see your point, with the nuts and now draw in sight I should be willing to just call and raise later down the hand. This is exactly why I posted. I'd rather hear feedback than to keep playing in a way that will cost me money at some point.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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