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Suited Broadway from SB with Bet and 3b.

Pretty sure I overplayed this hand. I get lost in these situations oop. 4b or fold preflop? Fold flop? Check fold turn?

2/3 500 eff New table. First orbit. 

K Q h:h in sb 

CO opens to 10

Btn raises to 35

I call. CO calls

(105)flop: Q T 6

C C BTN 90

Call call

Turn J

I open jam 

CO calls. Btn folds

River brick. I announce queen. Villain mucks. 

Claims he had pair and straight flush draw. 

Btn claimed AA



  • N8Ball02N8Ball02 Posts: 68Member

    I would never 4-Bet 2 braoadway cards that don't contain an A. I'm not sure if it is good or not but my 4-bet range consists of AA, KK, QQ, AKs, 78s, 89s, 67s. (Obviously I don't 4 bet every chance I get with suited connectors but I personally feel like they are a safe way to even out a 4 bet range, have playability, and not have to worry about flopping top pair and dealing with kickers. It it has a 10+ involved, kickers become an issue). That range also changes depending on the player and other things of that nature. If a dude 3 bets several times than my 4 bet range expands. If it is an old man who 3 bets AA and KK only I just flat with shit I'd fold.

    As far as over playing, in my book you only over played the hand if you get called and loose a bunch of $$. Aggresion is a good thing. Granted that dude never folds AA to your shove again, lol. But to be honest I thought this story was going to end with Villain having AQ. (Not KTc or T8c).

    Folding never seems like an option unless your folding preflop. I mean you got KQ with top pair and open ended. What else can you ask for? AK and AQ has you dominated from the jump. If the river is a 9, are you worried about AK? If you flop a flush are you worried about A♡ X♡?

    This game comes with built in risk.. sometimes you get coolered. But personally I like the way you played. Keep it up!

    Thanked by 1Youngsp82
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,604Subscriber
    New table?
    Full of unknowns?
    Low stakes?
    Facing a 3b?
    Fold preflop....

    As played fold the flop and it seems incredibly weak but the guy just bombed $90 on a board that hits every 3b range hand and there is no FD so AKs with FD is out of the question. All this at a new table vs an unknown which we have to assume plays very face up.

    As played OTT yes you overplayed it and got lucky.
  • NathanGuentzelNathanGuentzel Posts: 155Member

    I don't think you can do anything but call the flop. You have two backdoor draws and top pair good kicker. It is hard to believe that the turn jam got called and you're good, but it happened. I think it might be better to look at check raising the hand on the turn, rather than open jamming.

    In the beginning, probably moving KQ suited into a 4 bet from the SB in this exact configuration with Co open and button small 3! Is probably better.

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